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Kid Icarus - Part IV

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i can't describe this superb feeling... but i can at least thank tom fulp for the wonderful new series-page of kid icarus!! that was my goal when i first started this series, and now i'm very happy that it came to this memorial... i thank everybody who enjoyed this series, because without them, this series page would never have existed!! thx!!
========================= =========
hi there, THIS is the final part of my kid icarus series basing on the nes game.
it is almost a music video, so please:
listen to the music, go with the rhythm, look at the details, and appreciate the work.
I haven't used sound effects because they would distrract from the music and destroy the rhythm.
and watch ki1, ki2, ki3 to understand everything.
watch all XD
if you wanna compare this flash: look @ this:
http://www.flyingomelette .com/kidicarus/kidicarusl evel4.html

hope you like it, its the bigges KI adventure i have ever done, and it is my personal favorite.



Cool Music

Pit's armor of light is cool. Great Flash, XD!

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Best KI Yet!!!

This is your best KI yet! Hoping for a sequel! You should've made it longer though. And tougher for Pit. Medusa was too easy for Pit to kill.

you know

you know nintendo is making a new kid icarus for wii btw i loved the flash

i smell somethin

i smell a sequel

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Make a second series!!! =D

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Dec 28, 2006
1:35 PM EST