George Bush Xmas Intro EP

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Sorry for the graphics, Kirbynator was working on those... except the blueprints part. This is not Episode 1 because it was going to be longer, but we had to finish it fast enough (before Christmas) but Ep 1 is going to be long. For the scenes: You have to watch all the movie and keep in mind the 4-digit number passwirds that appear within scenes.



^^Good Points^^
The only real entertainment I got out of this was when Harper said "you can shit in your coat". Other than that...

^^Needs Improving^^
Graphics were pretty poor as usual. Once again, very little detail and very primitive methods of drawing and animating. Also, what the hell was that fleshy looking thing sticking out of the wall with the intercom scene where they say their plan? I looked at it forever.

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It could be better

But I've already left a review for the sequel of this one. Basically, the animation is too angular for my liking, so if you spend more time trying to draw the pictures, it will be worth it, as the animation will look many times better.

The music was decent, which brightened up the whole piece. Now you need to improve the voices and then it'll start to take shape properly.

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Cheers for using my music!
Crazy cartoon! The George Bush part was coolage!

kirbynator responds:

Cool, a visit from our musician. Cool, our first straight 10s. Cool, we have crazy cartoons.

PS: It was the only good version we could find on Newgrounds; all the other ones were wierd, like Techno style.


OK, to tell ya the truth, don't make flashes til you fraw properly and stuff, graphics are one of the many important things in flash. Anyways I love the jokes especially the Fuck ones. Anyways, work on the graphics and Trust me, 5's will come to ya like... high 5s?... They smoke weed maybe?

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kirbynator responds:

Yes, I know. But like I say, it was because we needed to finish fast so we did'nt have time to work on sound or graphics. BTW, Wolfinator-x tried putting one of those subliminal messages at the beginning, one frame where it says VOTE 5!

Message from Wolfinator-x

Hello everyone! Please do not get pissed, we will make things better in EP 1 because we did'nt have time to perfect the graphics and stuff.

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2.28 / 5.00

Dec 27, 2006
5:24 PM EST
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