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Harry Potter/DBZ 2

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((Update #3 We fixed lowered the download time a bit we won't get into how but we did and we added a wav to the Pokemon ending nothing major just somestuff we wanted to see fixed))

((UPDATE #2: We've recived Emails requesting to know when Our next cartoon will be out. If you would like to be added to the mailing list just send us a email and tell us.))

Let me first start out by saying sorry for the file size. As with the last DBZ this one starts off slow but the options are worth sticking around for. This one takes place right after the first although you don't have to of seen the first to really get this one. We Never intended to make a part two but many people didn't notice Harry Potter die, so in the new options there is no mistaking his fate this time. On a final note this is parody and not real to life or any cartoon it's just a Joke we hope it will be seen as that.

((If you have trouble hearing some of the voices turn your speakers up to about half way this seem to fix most problem. Oh and also we will try and respond to any and all reviews so if you write one you will get feed back asap))


OMG that was just...sweet :)

Okay okay, now that I have controlled my laughter all I have to say is bravo. This was a great sequel to your first. Very creative, I'm sure even the DBZ creators would be proud. Love the Pokemon ending! Love it! Poor Pikachu though...Sailor Moon was in it! YAY!....Look at the way you drew Sailor Mercury though. Is that any position for a woman with a 300 IQ to stand? :) Just kidding. Love the use of all the different animes. keep up the good work ya'll.

ImageNation responds:

Thanks! where glad you liked the cartoon As for pikachu he had it comeing. and sailor mercury, well she was prbably druged by that maked dude in the cartoon.

I give it a perfect 10 even if it isnt

the preloader was the funniest thing ever...Make a part 4 some how ok. Thanks. Trick Bitch!


This looks so stupid, but its so damn funny. I want more!!! This is the funniest thing ever!

ImageNation responds:

Thanks always nice to hear someone liked what we did

lol lol lol olol lol o lo l l ol lo

oh man, I was laughting my tears off hahahahahaha

anyway nice movie, better than the first one , i don't get the first. nice preloader, i was laughing my ass off for that one lol, he punched the kid lol.
even thought i am a dbz fan my sef but that was one of the best things you can found on newgrouds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!
that was refershing, since i haven't laught that hard in a while thanx guys keep it going!!!!!!!! and the harry potter ending was the funniest (go o jay, go ojay lol)

oh yeah one more thing try to make the sound clearer sometime i can't heard them talking

nice movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ImageNation responds:

Thanks we're glad you found it funny and we are working one the sound problem some seem to have hopefull we will get rid of that issue once and for all. but any how thanks for the review where glad you enjoyed the toon.

hes bloody bock

hi again ive got 2 give you another perfect ten and a few new quotes 3rd place is "tell em gokus kid" second is "im am david blain" and 1rs is 'go OJ go OJ if the glove dont fit ya gotta quit.......... dont tell noobody" well and iove also mised a quote from the first one ive been saying every since i saw it "oh bloody hell God save the queen anyways thats was gr8


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3.95 / 5.00

Oct 23, 2001
7:07 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody
  • Daily Feature October 24, 2001