Busker Branford

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Hi there. Here's a mediocre adventure about a mediocre man named Busker Branford.

If you like to sing along to songs, there's one at the end and the lyrics are as follows:

You gotta dig deep down in those pockets of yours,
Whether you've got cash or none - you're poors,
And the coins you grib-grab better be gold,
Silver? What? you've already been told,
That he works hard at what you see him doing there,
Better than d-d-d-dancing bears,
So raise your hands - you're no longer bored,
It's all because of Branford.

Some say he's a tramp,
I say he's the champ.

(Oh yeah!) Don't walk away!
(Oh yeah!) What a display!
(Oh yeah!) You will adore,
(Oh yeah!) Busker Branford!

You gotta walk this way. You wanna see something cool?
Bring a bucket, large, for when you drool,
Clap and laugh and cheer and shout,
And be amazed - that's what he's all about,
He'll give you pleasure you've never had before,
You'll be wanting more and more,
He deserves a trophy, a prize award,
It's all because he's Branford.


if you look at the caricatures, you will notice that boss. B mcboss from cuboy has one on his desk in the first episode.


I love all of your stories, your universes are so cool and have the potential to be expanded on like this one, I would love to see another episode of Busker Branford/
Music is top notch.

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Quite strange

That was very weird, even by the standards of your stuff. That being said, I still loved this because it did work really well to have a plot to it. The character designs were among the most unique I had ever seen, especially with the shark boss. I love how everything came together at the end as a lot of the scenes seemed kind of pointless. It was especially nice to see that little cat cardboard suddenly run around. The funniest joke was probably when the yak was mistaken for an ox in the middle.


As much as I like your series Edible Castle and Whitmore, I found this to be funnier and better paced. The same can be said for Caulderbank, but that isn't what I'm reviewing. With that out of the way, on with my review.

In terms of art and animation; Busker is simple, but to the point like Beavis and Butt-head, Daria, The Critic, Dr. Katz, and South park. Nothing too over-the-top, but gets the point across with a good mix between tweening and frame by frame. Then there's the sound, which has my approval in my book with great music and good voice acting. It may not be Egoraptor, Sam Haft, Josh Tomar, Larry McKee, or Druox the Shredder; but it fits for what it is. As for the comedy, I found this to be pretty funny ranging from the Whitmore-brand keyboard to the off-kilter caricatures. While it may not be as funny as Rats on Cocaine, Norse in the Ninth Ward, or The Three Stooges; but it doesn't need to be like those. However, it isn't one of those shove as many joke ideas without much thought put into either the jokes or the plot shows, nor is it chock full of social criticism to the point of being pretentious and self-absorbed.

What I do like:
-Good art and animation
-Great music
-Good voice acting

What I don't like:
-Could have been funnier, but that doesn't matter because it's good enough as is.

Overall: Here's a nine out of ten, Will.

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4.13 / 5.00

Dec 27, 2006
7:10 AM EST
Comedy - Original