Busker Branford

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Hi there. Here's a mediocre adventure about a mediocre man named Busker Branford.

If you like to sing along to songs, there's one at the end and the lyrics are as follows:

You gotta dig deep down in those pockets of yours,
Whether you've got cash or none - you're poors,
And the coins you grib-grab better be gold,
Silver? What? you've already been told,
That he works hard at what you see him doing there,
Better than d-d-d-dancing bears,
So raise your hands - you're no longer bored,
It's all because of Branford.

Some say he's a tramp,
I say he's the champ.

(Oh yeah!) Don't walk away!
(Oh yeah!) What a display!
(Oh yeah!) You will adore,
(Oh yeah!) Busker Branford!

You gotta walk this way. You wanna see something cool?
Bring a bucket, large, for when you drool,
Clap and laugh and cheer and shout,
And be amazed - that's what he's all about,
He'll give you pleasure you've never had before,
You'll be wanting more and more,
He deserves a trophy, a prize award,
It's all because he's Branford.


A bit different.

An 8.5 actually. The animation was good and not much comedy. It was a bit random but the music at the end is the MOTHER F-ING BEST!

Something different

was very good


This is incredible. For more goodness see also Cuboy.

Two Tongs up!

I enjoyed this a lot. It has a very random monty python-esque humor style. Alot of flash comedic videos are random or try hard to be, but this one was actually clever and random. (example, the yak and red wife). The characters are extremely likable and hilariously eccentric. The "yay" guy and Dwane were my favorites. Great job all together, complete 10/10.

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That was aswkome!

That was so NARLY! it also has a great story line 2! jeeeesus! HA! lol 10/10

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Credits & Info

4.13 / 5.00

Dec 27, 2006
7:10 AM EST
Comedy - Original