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Updated ending...



change of things...
but the ending...WTF?!?
but it's a fake pic(duh..) anyway

Okay, lemme catch my breath here...

The entire thing literally sucked, but I'm giving it the becoyotenifit of the doubt here. Also, the ending was laugh-your-ass-off funny!!!

i hate siquo too!! but what happened in the end?

decent could of been better. and the end doesnt show up. really repetitive. also i'm makin a sisquo movie, when yo see it you'll not be able to stop laughing. so far its hallarious. it'll be out january

Stupid,but fun to make buttpirate swallow!

The game was really stupid, but sometimes stupid is funny! I don't know what this Sisquo idiot is all about, but I figure he's "in" with the teeny bopper "Britney, Eminem, Christina yeah yeah yo" crowd, in which case, he derserves to get pumped up the ass with a big black cock. They all do.
And they'd like it.

That was gross!!

I think that was good but totally disgusting, in my view. Whoever came up with that one needs a pat on the back. Also they had to have a very creative mind for that.

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1.56 / 5.00

Jul 17, 2000
2:23 AM EDT
Skill - Collect