DOTS! 9 (Blackout)

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A brief Flash about Dots. 9th one so far in the series, this one is about electrical blackouts. Enjoy.

Music by Tax 5 "Attention", (edited by me).


And now with #9

And here we go with another episode, number 9 to be exact, this particular episode had a bit more "ACTION" then the prev ones, that gave it some life, some more shades on the backrounds and props is a big plus.

And as mentioned in this review, more saheds and details in backrounds and props.


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This was pretty nice

It seems like these things should have been submitted back in 2000, where this animation was a bit more respected. It is kind of nice to watch for a nostalgic feeling, I suppose. I thought it was funny to see how these guys have their bodies designed, like when they showed the skeleton when he was being electricuted. It was sweet how he got a blanket and a teddy bear. The premise is pretty simple so I guess that was what it was supposed to be. I would prefer the "I Love Egg" series, though.

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Nice One!

This is great, I guess the blue dot forgot to turn off the switch before changing the light bulb...
That red dot thought he was sleeping...

This is just great, animation perfect, music sorta didn't go with it, but was still good, nice Storyline, I must add.

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Alright lol

Well I think this one was a bit too slow. And the electricity coming from the light needed ore work. Hmm.. I liked the lights in this one and when it goes dark. As I said. Make their eyes look better. Not black ovals. Maybe white with black dots in them. That would be better. Make them look different too. Wear different clothes. Also the music didn't suit the scene it was like there was a party in the room or something. Oh and try to make the storyline a little more interesting. Like a hilarious event. I don't get how he got an electric shock from trying to fix a broken bulb though. Keep it up. If you need a specific music PM me. All my music is very different from each other.


i do like this flash despite the fact that it was a bit short for my liking. but maybe that is what you were aiming for: short and to the point. other than that nice. i enjoyed the subtle humor. NICE FLASH!

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Dec 26, 2006
8:40 PM EST
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