WOS Day 2006

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Today, december 26, is the one year aniversery of the first World Obliteration Sqaud flash. Today we celebrate our first flash on the newgrounds portal. This would have been something more but as a high school senior with a job, I don't have all the time in the world.

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Who needs a "world" anyway

Graphics were pretty good.
Style...they're clocks...
Sound, i had no problem hearing anything so...yay!
Violence, not much, just the world blowing up.
Interactivity, ....
Humor,ummm, I'm not sure why i put 4

For Improvement maybe, spend more time on animations, but whatever works for you.

Arskagarf responds:

Style... Some are clocks but not all of us are.

Interactivity... At least a 1 for a play button and link to our site.


^^Good Points^^
Ahh, the WOS, a group that has pleased me ever since it came out, and now the special yearly anniversary of that group, with lots of fun movies to review. I really look forward to it! This movie, made my Arskagarf is the first I'm watching, and it was pretty entertaining, though that doesn't surprise me one bit. The graphics were great, lots of complicated shading and very smooth animations. It was neat how this movie started out very slow like the music, then towards the end got a lot more interesting, having a lot more action in it. A very good way to start out the holiday.

^^Needs Improving^^
Of course, parts of this could have improved. Mainly the part when the buildings start exploding, which had the same animations over and over again. It would have been nice if they had changed a little bit.

Arskagarf responds:

I blame the infadels.


Very interesting. The flash starts off slow with slow motion tweens of stuff. And then the buildings on the planet explode. I've never heard of WOS maybe because i'm a full time college student who works full time. But anyway, graphics were drawn well and you animated the explosion of the buildings decently. The music was a nice fit for this slow at first but overall short flash. WOS is definitely new to me.

Arskagarf responds:

We're one of the few animation groups that actually makes it and we've been going for a year. It's not very often we put out flash but we've got plenty on the portal.

it was good.

yea. it was good. and, i liked it.woo.

Arskagarf responds:

Show us how it's done baby


Well the intro was way too long, and it seemed to have no point whatsoever. There was nothing funny about it, as is the whole point of newgrounds seems to be lately.The sound and graphics were kinda blurry. I honestly don't get the message you are trying to get out with this flash.

Arskagarf responds:

Sign-up Date: 5/4/06

Flash by cowloverdude:
- none -

Lol, cowlover

Credits & Info

3.14 / 5.00

Dec 26, 2006
6:26 PM EST
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