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Daddy No vs Abomination X

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I have no idea what happened here, and where would it fit into the story continuity? Seems alternate dimension. Beautiful song at the end though.


having just watched the others first, funnnny....
only thing is, make the mouth a modifiyable object instead of a constant movie clip.
either way, as a total n00b/dumba$$ would put it, LMFAOROFL!!!1!!!one
and in my words, funny as he** man, great job. (I don't know what the he** the n00b/dumba$$ comment was about... oh well)


^^Good Points^^
I say the best part of this movie were the drawings. The way you drew your characters was pretty funny looking, I really thought they were well done. The voice overs and sound effects were well done also.

^^Needs Improving^^
This is a movie by the NN that I do not like, which is something that doesn't come often. First, with such a long introduction with names and what not, I would expect the movie to be much longer, but alas, it was about just as long, and made absolutely no sense. I was confused as just about everyone else on this one. I don't like when that happens :(

ZombieToaster responds:

sad to hear you didnt like it.
Maybe you would apreciate it more if you had seen the other movies in the two series.


That was so, um, odd should we say?
Well, it was alittle short. too bad you couldn't make it longer.
And the animation was pritty lacking.
Seemed like it was just random to me, lol P:
Still, good graphics and voices.

And still pritty good :D

Keep it up.



ZombieToaster responds:

Well the bit about lacking animation is because i wanted to emulate the look of kings daddy no movies. and they all just had two animations.
the mouths and that ugly kids hand on the toycar.


i didn't get this...it was completely random and not funny. there was absolutely no decent animation involved, although the grapics seemed to be on the right track

ZombieToaster responds:

i guess you must watch the daddy no and abomination x movies to find it funny.