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A Newgrounds X-mas Story

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Thank you all who watched my animation it finally earned a spot in the 2006 Christmas collection and also thank all NG staff members thanks =D

Well here it is guys a flash I have been working since December 25, 2006 I of course I did not work on it every day I took some breaks... I am not shooting for the NG rewards however I am hoping it earns a spot in the 2006 Christmas Collection =D I would be more than happy.
Special Thanks to Jimtopia =D

Special Thanks to All the Newgrounds tutorials =D And
everyone that watches it =D


I kinda liked it.

__The Good__
The liked the music a lot. It fit well with the Christmas theme and I have always loved that song. I thought the idea of this flash was pretty good too. I found it kinda funny also.

__The Bad__
I felt it went on a bit too long. This flash should have had a faster pace if you ask me. The graphics could have been worked on a little bit more also.

__Over All__
A good flash about Christmas. Nice job on this flash, keep up the good work!

{Review Request Club}

Dash-02 responds:

Thanks I enjoy almost all of the reviews and yes I do think the graphics need to be improved alt ought I do not have much experience with graphics and stuff On my next flash I will try to put better graphics thanks =D


(- The Good -)

Decent graphics, you actually tried hard with the opening and it showed. Song was OK, good quality sound and so on.
It was also your first flash, and you did quite well for a first :)

(- The Bad -)

Took ages to long and was painful to watch because it was so slow. You should try to keep the size as low as possible. My crappy computer couldn't really handle it. Flashes based on flash documents are getting really boring, you should try to create your own character. Also the snow was dodgy.

(-- Overall --)

A good effort for your first flash, it needs improvement and for gods skae lower the filesize, some people DO have bottom of the ladder, crap computers. ;)

(-- Review Request Club--)

Dash-02 responds:

(- The Good -)
Well I do have to agree that after about 1 and half month's I did dramatically improve on my flash skills. Thanks
(- The Bad -)
If it was too short would you also out it instead of the too long part.
And yes, Flash files are getting old now.
(-- Overall --)
Yes I will try to lower those filter's it's just that I wanted for viewers to kind of like have a good impression of me and that I can make filter's do magic thing's. Also I tried to put more filter's and shit so you could wait a bit
Thanks for your review and wish you luck, I'm going to sleep!


I have no idea whats going on.

Dash-02 responds:

Well the SWF. File is getting ready for Christmas but gets sucked into the Flash portal and then gets to be judged and eventually Blamed but saved by the power of Santa Clause =D

Review Request Club

The graphics start out decent but you way overdid the effects and layers which ended up lookin choppy and hurting my eyes. You contrasted to much with the colors which also kill my eyes. The swf's house is drawn with a line tools and colored with paint bucket which looks like crap. The swf is grainy and unedited. You should clean up how it looks in a picture editor next time.

The idea of a flash file having a face and arms that jumps into the portal to get rated and go to NG is wayyyyyy unoriginal. The Christmas theme didn't even contribute anything to the movie which says you should think up a story. The movie is cut too short and theres really no reason for it.

The audio is okay. It fits pretty well but I would've picked some more songs.

I don't know if you tried to be funny but if you did, it didn't work. Not only that the jokes were extremely dry and childish. You could've made more jokes about the Portal and Blamming and what not.

Don't go so heavy on the effects and if you do not all over the screen and not extremely opposite colors, like bright orange to dark blue. Think up an original story and make it longer.

Dash-02 responds:

At first glance these flash animation seems to need a lot of improvement and I agree but if you put your mind into it you would probably have a different way of seeing these flash animation as a animation with no deep thought of story and with very little effort but I did work on it for a long time.
Anyway Thanks for the review and I will try to update it and improve the graphics a bit. Also I will try to use your suggestions in my upcoming flash.


The graphics were okay in this movie, Although it realy looks like you rushed the graphics. Your objects were very 2-D and could have been more realistic. Another thing was that I didn't like how you took images and pasted them into your flash. It looked bad and didn't blend with the rest of your movie. The sound was done quite nicly in this flash but I didn't like the sharp stops and silent intervals between songs.

Well the animation wasn't my favorite part of this flash. One thing I like to do when working with characters without arms is to add stick arms and legs to make it look better. Like I said before you could of worked on the overal presentation of this flash.

An okay flash but needs touching up.

~Review Request Club~

Dash-02 responds:

Thanks, I understand that I need to practice on my graphics's but I had a limited amount of time. As for the sound I don't know how to fade it out It could have been better I understand but you have to give me credit it passed with a decent score and thanks a lot for your review It will help me on my next flash.

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2.74 / 5.00

Dec 25, 2006
11:52 PM EST