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Another fight scene

rated 2.09 / 5 stars
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Dec 25, 2006 | 8:19 PM EST

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Hey again guys! About this clip: The musik doesn´t fit at all but i felt i didn´t matter, im not that serious. (lazy)...
I look forward to read what you think!

Hope you like it! By: Killacan Mikael Holmberg



Rated 2 / 5 stars


^^Good Points^^
This movie wasn't too bad. The fighting scenes weren't too badly done, some good fighting in there. I also liked the sound effects, they were the best part. Very well fit and appropriate.

^^Needs Improving^^
Just a generic movie here, nothing really sets it apart from any other stick fighting movie. It takes a lot to stand out, but the animations were just average, and other graphics were just mediocre compared to the best stick fighting movies.


Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

too lazy

make the fight faster and don't make your stick same color as the background I missed half the fight

start by this and your movie will be watchable

killacan responds:

Dont make the sticks same color? im sorry about that but you must be the only one that didnt see them... I think so should visit the doc first, then come back!


Rated 1 / 5 stars

You have talent.


With a bit of tweaking and practise you could become a pro .. but increase your smoothing. Thats the problem with all these movies. You have the ability to smooth the paint, but you don't. So it appears lumpy. Also, practise your walk cycles. It might pass, but try to get it right. Left leg raises, moving forwards, the right leg 'slides' back, then its done the other way round, then it loops until the person stops walking, all the while the arms going up and down (you got the arms right). Also it was a bit slow paced. When its slow-paced fighting, its dull and .. er .. use smaller brushes.


Don't know what to put here. Well, its stickmen. I like stickmen, but use smaller brushes and make it less lumpy.


I didn't really like the music. The music was the sort of music you might have in a fast-paced fight, but in a slow-paced fight like this, try .. I don't know any music that'd go with something as slow-paced as this.


No blood, but it is a fight.


Play button doesnt count if you ask me.


None, but I dont think you were aiming for humour, were you?


I have a list as long as 10 lorries on how this could've been improved. I'll tell you a few from these many improvements: Smoothen. Lengthen. Quicken. Use a thinner brush. Thats just four of the probably 5 million possible improvements to this movie.

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killacan responds:

The Brush is suppose to be fat, thats just good so im going to ignore that. a faster fight, true... and just so you all know, its true, we do have the knowledge to smooth it BUT since im not serious with any of my flashes im to lazy to make all that right... If people would request me to make a really good flash i would but till then, i will continue with my fast lazy work.. Thanks anyways for the kritisizes...