Blob Dress Up

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Well I posted this before...it got blammed for no reason. I mean, it's not that bad. I've actually worked hard on this game. Go ahead, try it!

There may be some new stuff in there. Other than new stuff:
Use <- and -> to select backgrounds
This is how the buttons at the button work:
Button with fire 2: Fire number 2, 3: Fire number 3, and so on. The red ones delete the fire. And these rules goes for the blood aswell!
The Hand Button: This button edites the color of the hands. NOTE, you should choose color before dragging the hands. And yes, I know that the hands suck! Anyway, if you like this game, and you want to know when a new version is out, go here:

http://forums.facepunchst udios.com/showthread.php? t=256170

for more infomation.


umm, yeah...

There is a huge variety of props and colors for which to dress up the character. So that is good.

However, there have been times when I had to click and release multiple times to place the prop. Also, the images have a tendency to clutter up the screen, so some organization can help. Chances are, the clutter is what caused the need to click multiple times to place a prop. Drop down menus and a delete prop option can probably help fix the problem.

Finally, it would be best to have dressed up a full body character, possibly with scenery for a nice looking setup. Without those two, the characters that can be created comes out bland.

warmanwww responds:

Thank you. That was quite helpful. But I didn't say, that this IS an old game did I? I just updated it...alot. Yeah I know I would have been better to dress a full body, but it does say Blob DressUp :D


I'm sorry, but this thing really does suck... There doesn't seem to be anything you cvan do about it too.

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2.48 / 5.00

Dec 25, 2006
5:27 PM EST
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