Blob Dress Up

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Well I posted this before...it got blammed for no reason. I mean, it's not that bad. I've actually worked hard on this game. Go ahead, try it!

There may be some new stuff in there. Other than new stuff:
Use <- and -> to select backgrounds
This is how the buttons at the button work:
Button with fire 2: Fire number 2, 3: Fire number 3, and so on. The red ones delete the fire. And these rules goes for the blood aswell!
The Hand Button: This button edites the color of the hands. NOTE, you should choose color before dragging the hands. And yes, I know that the hands suck! Anyway, if you like this game, and you want to know when a new version is out, go here:

http://forums.facepunchst udios.com/showthread.php? t=256170

for more infomation.


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Okay, it says CLEARLY in the rules, if it gets blammed and you resubmit it with no changes, it will automaticly get blammed. Come bac when it's been changed.

warmanwww responds:

What? I did change it, added double amount of stuff.


If you had blackfaec, then where was the lazar?

warmanwww responds:

There are laser swords ^.^ I'll add a laser next time, added to mah list!

Blov dress up???

A blob dress up??? lol, not really the kinda dress up thing you would expect, but I must say, it is kinda original in some way, also, it's kinda funny, plus it works fine AND there are a lot of stuff in this, only, you forgot to make weapons n stuff for his right hand.
It was actually pretty cool

Really Terrible....

Incredibly terrible! Man, I hope this gets blammed so I can nab that BLAM point!

warmanwww responds:

Well fuck you too. This ain't gonna get blammed! I think...

It's all good. :D

It's a pretty.. occupying game.. sorta. But what really turns me off are the drawings. Try and make them more fun, like thicker lines, more cartoony = fun

warmanwww responds:

It's because some of the items are 1 year old. There are other things, like eyes that are very new.

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2.48 / 5.00

Dec 25, 2006
5:27 PM EST
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