Merry Christmas 2006

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Holy shit this sucks.


A little short.
A good way to wish a merry Christmas.
A.C.E-Corn,you rock.

not bad, but not good.

Justa simple lil Happy Christmass, or Merry Christmass, (like Christmass has nothing better to do but to merry ppl), wishing ppl Merry Christmass, but what happened to the Robber?? The Burglar, the Thief?


hey d00d it me robo riddick! do you have jonimator's mail? he send u the actionscript u needed.well,i g2g now,put me on credits!! LOL merry christmas and godbye.

pd: if u dont got the mail from jonimator then i will send u another one.just tell me if u dont have it.

ACE-Corn responds:

I got the mail

Short But Definitely Sweet

I liked it. Yeah, so it was short? But, it had a certain...something I just can't place...I look forward to seeing more.

ACE-Corn responds:

It was short because it was a Christmas Short.
Also, <3

Nice job.

I liked this, and for what it's worth, I *liked* the fact that, for a change, there wasn't an explosion or a death at the end of this short. It was a cute idea, and the execution was done quite well.

Sure, it could've been a little longer, but I've fifened it because I think it should definitely survive.

Merry Christmas to you!

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ACE-Corn responds:

Thanks, Merry Christmas

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2.58 / 5.00

Dec 24, 2006
5:36 PM EST
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