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Well Zer0 is a character I drew a long time ago. Hes kind of a future ninja. I won't tell you more or else ill spoil the upcomming movies.
I actually started the project like 2 years ago. He looked very diffrent. He had metal armor with lots of weapons. I used this character to practice in flash, but then flash got boring and i forgot all about Zer0. When I was drawing a new character i put some stuff of the old Zer0 inside. I changed the whole story and his looks. So I hope you like the trailer. I cant tell you when the 1st movie is comming out... but it will be soon. Enjoy.


no doubt, it shows promise...

...even you would have to admit, if you just sit back and watch it from an objective point of view, the trailer does do it's job, it's a trailer, but that's mostly due to the music like most good trailers, it's all about the music...

...certainly would prefer a little more preface, some textual elements of what we could expect to see other han just his name and coming soon...

...and on that note, how long is soon?

...but other than that, it's a trailer, Iam still left guessing what "Zer0" will be about...


hmmm looks cool....

i cant wait to see the final project!!!


NICE I cant wAAiT!!!!!

nice loading screen + it all flows together so smoothly@!#!@$


Looks very nice and promising... Can't wait to see the next episodes!

good animation

zer0 Xer0 zer0 Xer0zer0 Xer0zer0 Xer0zer0 Xer0zer0 Xer0zer0 Xer0

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2.62 / 5.00

Dec 24, 2006
10:35 AM EST
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