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Jens' Button Tutorial

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In this tutorial I'll explain everything about buttons!
It contains a Beginers Tutorial, How to create a button, Basic action script and Advanced action script.

- Please submit to Flash Help.
- Vote Fairly!
- PM me if you need more help or to report bugs.



I have been searching forever for a tutorial that says how to make a button that lets you go to the next frame. I went through like 20. And this tutorial told me, thank you very much.

Oh. My. God

Okay, so there are millions upon millions of tutorials on NG
The good thing is that most of them are crap, so this stands out as being one of the higher ranking tutorials i've seen
So you may not have the BEST graphics, but it's unnecessary to have wonderful works of art if the buggers don't work. But work they do, thanks to this
I've been looking for the last month or so trying to find out why my health bar wasn't working, thanks to this, I finally figured it out (Something as trivial as the fact I put -= instead of <= XD)
Thank you for saving yet another month of searching :D


I surfed the web for an hour for EXACTLY this tutorial, and having found it, I still failed, until I realized that the movie clip was named redSquare but it was also not named redSquare on the Instance tab. Then it worked. ^^;

Thank you! ^^ My website will work nicely now!

not bad one

i've seen a few button tutorials on here before, but tutorials are always good to see... especially when they have good tips and pointers in them, much like this one. this one will definitely help new flash artists out.

Play2jens responds:

Thank you, Not only new flash users, but also those who can make cool movies and beautiful art, but who don't know how to make their own game with it, or how to make something like a Play Button.

I'm making working on a new version, where there are more tutorials over buttons, and the old tutorials will contain more information. There will be a new menu and an intro animation ^^

Not bad

very inforative, well done.

Play2jens responds:

thx, Happy Holidays

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Dec 24, 2006
10:29 AM EST
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