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The Physics Of Christmas

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Author Comments

NOTE, I don't hate christmas, or santa. I just found a funny website, and decided to animate what they had stated.

Please Review!

Watch it to the end, the credits will come up!

P.S. If you talk about me hating christmas, be warned, you are a fucking retard and didn't read the comment.

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lol my physics teacher will love this

though he will say something crazier than the slowing down time thing. the article never said anything about santa being human. hes been there ever since christmas started, when gift giving started, i bet jesus is saying

"On my birthday why are people giving gifts to other people?"

there are alot of theories on santa like Santa and Satan and nicknames Saint Nick and Old Nick. they both have red on too dont ya think? (i found this out by my self but dont know any one else have)

i would like to hear a theroy that a number of fat homless people dressing in red breaking into your house and give stuff because ther on something.

Lazerwolf responds:

I hope your physics teacher does enjoy it, i would have shown him mine... but he would go apeshit on me for the swearing!

I think jesus is saying: "Why isn't anyone getting ME anything!".

Theory? I got a rock of crack for christmas from hobo santa! :O


Interesting to say the least, why this farce of a fat man delivering gifts still exists is beyond my comprehension. Whether or not your knowledge is complete BS or true is irrelevant, what matters is that you have surely shown that it is physically improbable for a fat man to do this [which everyone should know by the first grade]

I can't really be constructive on this because this was more of a science flash based on theory....although this flash could have used a bit smoother look to it....you were still able to get your point across without losing the audience [meaning me] while making your last words side splitting funny...one more thing I gave you a nine for style because the flow or your voice describing the scientific aspect of the fat man made you sound like you know what your talking about....SANTA IS DEAD YOU FANTASY LIVING FREAKS....end

Lazerwolf responds:

Remember, its not the size of your audience... It's how big your penis is.

LOL, Physics!

That was very fun and interesting to watch how they took a Christmas tradition and put it to the test of science and physics. To make it all scientific and logical-like was really cool, and it now makes me think about how children believe Santa does it without being killed, according to those facts, something i like to call "The Skeptics Filter." My compliments to the website you got it from, and to you for posting it here, nice work!

Lazerwolf responds:

Thanks! I was planning on making a series of physics flash movies... So i might continue doing those =D

I like it!

Lol, it was pretty fun. If only your graphics had been better, I would have voted higher. However, I understand that perhaps there were time constraints. It's nice that the audio was clear though.

Lazerwolf responds:

Thanks! And remember, if you belive in santa cluase, you killed him! :O


That was frekin fun haha. i also have antoher thing to say. if santa has to visit you, then you have to write a wish list for him right. hehe.

But well. he DO deliver coal to the naughty ones. hmm. well. does that count EVERYONE else.... religion or not. haha.

very funny little movie

Lazerwolf responds:

You get coal for insulting the magic of physics.

Me luv fissix.
fissix Guuuud.

Credits & Info

4.17 / 5.00

Dec 24, 2006
7:00 AM EST