The Christmas Crisis 2

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Note: If the scene selection fails to work, I appologize. Something about that Flash compressor that screws it up.

3 years ago, I submitted a Flash known as the Christmas Crisis. With its cheesy dialogue, lack of voices, and lack of actual Christmas music, I feared it would not do well. And I was surprised to find out a lot of people actually enjoyed it!

So here it is, 3 years later, but another Christmas Crisis. I guess you could say it's a remake, since it's basically the same characters, similar situation; a crisis at Christmas.

Anyhow, Happy Holidays Newgrounds, I hope you enjoy the Flash movie!



Master Sword lol. Great movie.

madarkwasp responds:

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed that.
And Happy Holidays!


ah nothing says christmas like santa blowing the crap out of the grinch with a shotgun and a crazed maniac breaking through your wall with some soup...

madarkwasp responds:

Hah, glad you enjoyed that. You're right, though; it just isnt Christmas without a shotgun or a fat guy makin soup!

Thanks for the review!

This will most likely hit frontpage

It was fantastic! The graphics could've been better but actually it was quite good. The thing that bothered me though was the lack of music in the background and the voices. The voices were pretty weird sometimes, I can't really explain it, and it seems like only one guy made all the characters' voices. You could've put a variety of people with different voices in the flash, but that doesn't even matter. What matters is your overall good sense of humor, the tree smashin the deer into the snow, and your good graphics. Keep up the excellent work! I actually thought that it was pretty lengthy too, and most flashes here aren't as lengthy as yours. It might just be in my head that its longer than it what really is. Oh well, I have a good feeling that this will hit frontpage!

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madarkwasp responds:

Really? Front page? Thatd be pretty sweet! But there are better Flash Animators out there than me that'll probably make it there, but hey, it's nice to hear people with some faith, front page would kick ass!

Well, as for music I was running out of time. With 5 days before Christmas, and some voices still not done, I panicked and unfortunately rushed the end, leaving out music that could've been in some parts.

As for the voice acting, well it was actually done by 4 people, although some of the characters do sound very similar to each other (Me and Frosty, Dave and The Grinch, Chuckles and Santa, Mike and the Store Clerk. But I'm glad to see it didn't change your mind on the overall Flash!
And yupp, it was originally going to be a short flash for me and my friend to work on. But with so many jokes, we had to lengthen it a bit (there was originally 2 more tree gags. We found they didnt work, so we said "screw it")

In actual length it's only 6 minutes long, which can be pretty long for a Flash movie.

Thank you for your review!

you killed frosty u basterds lol not

when u say random humor u mean it 10 out of 10 if i could give it hire i world you have outdon ur selves o and u destroyed the fucking master sword wtf tell me y k.

madarkwasp responds:

heh, glad to see people still enjoy good ol' random humour! And as for destroying the Master Sword....it was worth it to see the look on Link's face.

Thanks for the review!

Weird ending

This was cool and well weird to santa with a gun and. Runing over a snowman? Good cartoon.

madarkwasp responds:

Thank you! No one said it had to be a cheerful christmas story ;)

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3.69 / 5.00

Dec 23, 2006
3:59 PM EST
Comedy - Original