Russian Boxer!

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UPDATE: 12/28/06: Thanks for all the continued positive feedback everybody and for making Drago the daily #1! We've just uploaded a bug fix to this game, but if you find any more let us know and we'll have Drago beat the crap out of 'em!

Take your raw Soviet power to the streets and make 'em run red with the blood of all lawbreakers. "Ivan Drago: Justice Enforcer" features 3 unlockable characters, a variety of super combo moves, a mini-game and much more. It will also save your progress, so each time you unlock a new character, it will stay unlocked even after you've closed your browser window! This game is dedicated to all of the "Rocky" films that we grew up on.

People with slower systems may want to turn off the extra blood effects.

Big thanks again to Tom / Newgrounds for sponsoring this huge undertaking!

It should also be noted that BomToons and I-Mockery stayed up over 36 hours straight in the final stretch of the creation of this game. We now feel like we went 12 rounds with the big Russian.

We must break you.


otlichno!(russian for execellent)

I was always a big fan of your gamesand your website, and your latest creation does not dissapoint. It really was fun, had tons of blood, and the graphics were...well, they were okay. The unlockable characters was a nice touch. I look foward to playing more of your games in the future!


this game is reall fun, but when i got to the part with the rope guy, it got glitched, i got caught in the rope and it would never let go, and the people there keep punching me and im ot losing health. I really want to get farther but this wont let me =[

Mockery responds:

Thanks, I have reported this glitch you encountered and BomToons will check on it ASAP and then upload a fix if he finds any glitches. I was unable to reproduce that glitch myself, but I'll take your word for it heheh. Thanks again and glad you liked the game! :)

holy fucking shit.

last couple days, ive been wathcing Rocky 2/4
i am listening to the rocky music aswell,
when i was in the portal i was like.
men, i hope they dont embares(bad grammerlol)
but when i played it, it was a feeling going back to 80/90's games
as in Double Dragon and River City.
but somehow the story didnt made a point, but the(the fightinh on the streets) scripting/spriting probaly took allot of time.
i hope the next one you make will have like .....10 different movements, although, i cant complain i dont know how to work with Action Scripts X_x. Nice job guys, for Real, aplaus yourself <3

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Nice work man
I really like the
realistic animation
although the A.I's kinda' screwy
other than that nice work flash on

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4.15 / 5.00

Dec 23, 2006
12:04 PM EST
Action - Fighting - Brawler