Mini forts

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This game took a lot of work and debugging and had to be constantly updated.
I hope you enjoy this. Some may find it very hard others well find it very easy it all depends on how good your strategy is.
Coding:Me (Matt Thomas)
Art: Rob H (Lizard Ogre)


good game

as i dont make games or flash tht stays on i have to give u lots of credit, although they say u need more options to build i likes the limited as it creates new depth and a faster loading time



it was fun and the money part was cool but you can make the base's a little father and buld a couple of more things but it was a cool game

Over-Kill responds:

A couple more things like what?
9 units not enough!
Fuck you do it then.
Oh wait
Flash by Ak-Hitman:
- none -
stfu noob.

sorry i'm pissed at all you stupid noobs that vote low b/c it doesn't have a billion things and it's exactly how you'd like it to be.

its okay

it has a good setup and i like the idea to choose the amount of money you start with but the graphicks and the interactivity wasent the best overall i think it is a good game

Needs more to it, but still not bad

This game idea and layout are good, but there's not much else. If there was sound and levels in this game, this would be a lot cooler. The tanks look good but you'll still probably leave others wondering "Why can't all the tanks just fire large explosives?". But the idea of having them charge at the castle with stuff like spears is better than just having them shoot from long range. The castles and units also looked good in terms of graphics. I won't mind about the bolt idea as I can tell that you want some people to have a challenge while others just want it easy. So this game seems incomplete to me but it's a great first step to actual completion.

Over-Kill responds:

Thanks for the respectable review. Sounds are so hard to get now a days without people going oh you got it from flashkit or oh you got it from this site and this site. The sounds are far too over used. I can still try and get some good ones though.
Yeah we went away from the shooting for the tanks because then you'd just have an army here and another there and a ton of shots firing back and forth.

Kinda pointless

I dont really get what you are supposed to do. And the bolt thing is kinda stupid cuz you can just put in any amount of bolts. Why play with like 1000 while you can have like 999999999999999999999999999999 999999999999999??? Work on it a little more, but you have my protection point.

Over-Kill responds:

I did that on purpose.
Why start with 1000? Some people out there actually LIKE a challenge. Wow ever heard of that? People that challenge themselves get places people that take the easy route every time never get anywhere.
I might add:
Flash by Cozmo131:
- none -

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3.27 / 5.00

Dec 23, 2006
11:15 AM EST
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