Emerald Thief

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Check the map of the museum properly. You have to reach the Emerald chamber and steal the Emerald.
You will have to collect some keys to open some closed doors. Try to understand the color of the keys and doors.
The precious Emerald is ofcourse Green. Steal the emerald and escape from the building before the cops arrive.

Controls: Use Arrow Keys to move. Stay alert from the laser beams and cameras to avoid being caught.
Hint : Check the map to discover which room you are in if you feel lost. Pay attention to the instructions on the bottom left.


It's definately not bad...

But you need to work on the lasers a bit more. About a dozen times the alarm went off when I was MILES away from ANY laser, which made me quit playing.

Frusteratingly Good

When a game frusterates to you so much you just HAVE to beat it, you know its good. The lasers got on my nerves though. You get an 8. The concept was good, the gameplay was a bit tricky, and the lasers just make me mad...


easyyyy ???? i dont think so ... i just finished this dammn game and really i have nothing to say but a great and AS HELLL HARD TIME -- THE GOOD NEWS IS THAT I FINISHED THE GAME , THE BAD ONE : MY FUCKIN BRAIN IS FUCKED UP I NEED TO SEE A DOCTOR RIGHT NOW .... PEACE OUT -

damm that was a challange

man thas was a hell of a game, not too grat graphic but a grat challange indeed (lol i took about 2 hr to beat it XD)

very nice

I've definitely seen better, but this is pretty good. i've been playing for a while and i haven't even gotten the first emrald.

All glory to the Portal!


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3.18 / 5.00

Dec 22, 2006
9:07 PM EST
Skill - Avoid