Problem with the Holidays

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I hope you enjoy. Thanks for the front page!
Merry Christmas, Newgrounds!

There are some sound syncing problems near the end, but these are often unavoidable in Flash.
And I know my name is misspelled once in the credits. I don't have the source file anymore though, so I can't edit it.


Remember me?

Just like your last flash, I loved this one as well. The story line was good, and when the "goggle" story came up, I didn't know whether the laugh or cry. People were talking about the pacing of it but I thought when the jokes came, they were delivered well, I especially like the "closet" one. I'm not sure if it was my computer or not but the mouth wasn't synced with the audio perfectly. None the less, I loved the hell out of it and I cant wait for more from you!! Awesome work! :D

squeakytoad responds:

Thanks! Love to hear from actual fans of my stuff. Will work on getting more stuff out soon! (As well as the sequal to Spirit of Halloween).


Magical man, the animation was amazing, the music fitted very well and the stpry telling was good but as the other reviews said, the comedic timing and pacing was a bit off. Can't blame you though, cause you had to finish it in time for the holidays, and that makes alot of artist rush.

well anyway, good job man

---Merry Chirstmas/ Jewmas/ africanmas/ mexicanmas and jewmas

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I liked it.

...even if it was uncomfortably southpark-esque.

I liked it!

Good flash.

squeakytoad responds:

Glad you enjoyed.


Sorry, but I got bored until the middle of the movie. :|

squeakytoad responds:

Understandable. I noticed this movie had some dull moments. I didn't pace this properly.

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4.15 / 5.00

Dec 22, 2006
5:44 AM EST
Comedy - Original