Problem with the Holidays

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I hope you enjoy. Thanks for the front page!
Merry Christmas, Newgrounds!

There are some sound syncing problems near the end, but these are often unavoidable in Flash.
And I know my name is misspelled once in the credits. I don't have the source file anymore though, so I can't edit it.


sweet man...

Nice.... you could at least made a future... lol XD who am i kiddin its your flash... anyway! Nice work! Great job and a happy Christmahannakwanzaca! LOL XD


my friend, this is one of the most polished flashes I've seen here hands down. Great job with the voices, smooth animation, and a lot of funny jokes. Thanks for using my music, too. :D

keep it up!!

squeakytoad responds:

Thanks for making that music. Keep it up!

Glad you enjoyed!


that was a long movie dude, it had some good jokes in it.

how long did it take you to make this? that was one LONG move, this deserves a 10 if there was one

squeakytoad responds:

I took me about two to three weeks.
But I didn't get to work on it as much in those weeks as I did with my last toon (Spirit of Halloween 1) unfortunately.
I love making long toons. I can make short movies, but I'm never as satisfied with them, even if they're quality.


I loved your movie. I know exactly how you feel too- Christmas is sort of a lost holiday. It was really funny also and I liked the characters you used. I liked how long it was and the animation was very well done. Whoever did the voices did a very good job. The only thing I could say you might want to elaborate on was the character development. Other than that, it was a great movie with an interesting political statement.

"What if I'm offended by Abraham Lincoln?"

squeakytoad responds:

I did the voices.

Actually, the characters are quite developed (which is why I used them in this one) from my last movie Spirit of Halloween 1 (Petey mentions that they never should've left Skary Town). Everyone commented how much they enjoyed the characters in that one and found them to have great personalities, so I used them in my Christmas movie.
Spirit of Halloween 2 will be coming soon and then... who knows? A series possibly.
But yeah, I should've mentioned that in the review. I suppose you don't get enough time to discover each of them in this one cause Marco hogs the spotlight.

A stunning piece!

I Love the length of this movie! it makes it like a t.v. show, something you can watch, the graphics were Quality so theres a 10 for that, the style was something i dont see alot on newgrounds so 10 for that, the sound was perfectly Synched and there wasn not a boring part to this so, theres 10 there, not much viloence, but still violence, 4 there, its a movie so i dont base it on interactivity, I overall give this an outstanding 10 out of 10, Great chritsmas special and great movie!

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4.15 / 5.00

Dec 22, 2006
5:44 AM EST
Comedy - Original