Into the Dark

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A residential zone was breached two days ago. The PED launched a counter-offensive to clear the area of threat. But you were separated from your unit during the attack, and must now fight to survive against the predators in the dark.
--- 'R' to reload!!!
My apologies, but I have not worked out a method of reseting the game yet. You will have to reload between runs. Enjoy this first episode.



this game sucks tryin to move the way it makes u move and shoot the way it wants u to is horrible

not bad one

that was an alright game.... but i think that more weapons/ammo would've been nice, and the arrow keys as opposed to the WASD keys for basic movements. other than that, it was fun to play.

I liked it!

Personally I was imprssed by this...not bad at all...should have more of a story...or an opening...hmm I really liked it though. Hmm...personally I would have liked more nudity, and a reason why I was playing this.

Not bad at all...much better than most things I've seen on this crap.

KingKoala responds:

I will be sure to add nudity in my next game, don't worry. And I will work on the story, I have something in mind...

well you played the F.E.A.R real game eh ?

the storyline is from F.E.A.R but its good . but i have one question what was that green screaming thing ? well il say it again its a good flash

KingKoala responds:

To be honest F.E.A.R. never even crossed my mind. Besides I thought the storyline was some psychic guy controlling engineered soldiers? The screaming thing is a ghost, can't be killed. I added it because the difficulty was lacking before hand. Glad you enjoyed it.


That joint was bloody scary, dog

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3.02 / 5.00

Dec 22, 2006
4:25 AM EST
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