Chibeh: PILOT (Episode 0)

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Author Comments

After a 7 year hiatus it's done, the epic combination of chibi, metal gear and stuff.
Let's make this the best one to date yet.
You can see the original on newgrounds, and ill download this one soon there.
Special thanks to that guy gallowglasses

Happy Holidays!

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Overall: Great, Other Catagorys: Not so great

Well the humor was pretty good, I especilly like the end of the two peoples conversation. But I could never hear the dark guy, his voice was too soft. Nicely done, but really, don't you think I should be able to hear the people?


As a Japanese artistic flash, this was rather funny and well animated. I found it to also be a good spoof of MGS. Random events would just happen for not good reason as things seemed to have gotten better for the protagonist. But the major problem with this movie was the SOUND. It would vary greatly at times especially with the mystery man. His voice was extremely quiet compared to everything else. And when I turned the volume up to hear something quiet, something loud just bursts out at me. And the last minor problem was that the replay button got really annoying because I mistook it for something else. But yeah, this flash was good. Try fixing all this when you make the next episode as it will improve the series.


Good idea, animation and execution but I couldn't understand Mr Mysterious. it sounded like some prank call by some sick kid breathing deeply into the mic. otherwise, good job!

Good job

This was a good movie. Though I haven't seen the first yet. However I couldn't hear what the shadow guy was saying at all. Overall it was good and fuy, so keep up the good work.

Unexplainably good.

very damn good.

Credits & Info

4.03 / 5.00

Dec 21, 2006
8:05 PM EST
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