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X-mas NG logo lightshow

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Update: OMG Christmas Collection!!!
Thank you so much!!!!!!
Thanks Tom
thanks for your support people!!

i changed the title the old one was "NG logo lights and music" dont let the file size fool you this is NOT a crappy thing done without effort. some of the editing took forever in the last 3 days.(it took it an hour to just export it to a flash)
the fps is 60
well im going on vacation see yall in 2007

and its over 10000 frames so i guess thats why it ran a little slow.
Listen im not sure if it will run good or not. the way i saw it nothing ever paused. So if you see it pause then its your computer thats doing it not mine. oh and the sound streeming was hard too. Even though it streamed i still had to re arange the key frames to match in the animation even though it wont match in macromedia flash itself.

Fun facts
The total time for all the hard things and simple things put together: about 2 months
(yeah the simple things where the buttons they are what took about 3 days cuz my computer ran slow sry if i confused ya their)
MM bags eaten: about 6 king size bags
Times i should of been doing homework:
all of the time

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Gets a little repetitive.

But other than that it is great!


that all i have to say...


you rock dude!!! i have nevere seen anything this good before(as far as flash goes)and I think you should do more of this stuff

DrClay responds:

thanks for the unwanted zero T.T

Anyway yeah thanks for the review


WOW!! My eyes hurt so bad after watching this, I swear, I keep seeing flashing colors everywhere. Nice Job ;)


one word, totally-awesome-infact-so-much -awsome-that-you-should-make-m ore-flash-movies. pretty long word, eh?

DrClay responds:

dont worry my friend there will be more. thanks for the
confedence and complaments.
yeah thats a long word.
so-long-infact-they-might-wan t-to-update-the-dictionary-be cause-of-the-long-words-ererr r-i-mean-word