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Nightmare City

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WE hope you enjoy OUR animation (We are a group), this was made for the flash bomb 04, this is the first part of nightmare city.


part 3?

is thare a part 3 to this?

The Story

this might just be me thinking to much about the matrix but i think this:
the story is about a group of living ppl captured inside a computer program wich is the city. in the city there are som AI or NPC's or whatever you wanna call them that wants to kill them (or their conciuosness (bad spelling)) and take over their living body in the real world. the ones with the energy weapons are the AI's and the one's referred to as "the good guys" are the humans. thats why when the orange and pink one were about too leave, the pink one stopped. couse she knew that she couldnt leave couse she's also a AI. and thats what *SPOILER* the brown one gets so pissed about in the second film.
the capsules u see in the start is where their living body is stored and the energy weapons are merely data. thats why most of "the good guys" cant use them. couse they arent AI's. but thats just my idea.

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good very good

but just one question though are they cats?


i got goosebumps because of how awsome this is i like the music, video and how the bad guys alwasys seem to be smiling, mocking you... 10 0ut of 10

Explanation(1st and 2nd Movies)

Hello people.I'd wish to explain what i understand(and i believe to be rigth)about this movie.I think its about two diferent races:the humans and the other race(presumably a genetic creation,having seen the capsules in the messages of the beggining)Maybe some specimens of the other race have evolved and they could summon energy weapons or something.then,they thougth they were superior and started a war,spliting the ''other'' race into 2 parts:the ones that can summon energy weapons(the bad ones)and the ones that couldnt(the good ones)The good ones have allied with humans,as we see in the video,but then the big group slipts in different parts,being the orange(boy)and the pink(girl)the main characters.After they escaped from the Blue one(the main antagonist)she said she couldn't go with him,and after they'r being separated by the wall,she is ataccked by the Blue one.then she summons an energy bow,so we can think she was one of them(the rebel guys who want to conquer the world).Also,in the second part we can see the brown guy point at her,then orange looks at her surprised,and more when she summons the bow.When she sacrifices to save him,he understands that she was good although she was one of ''them''.Then he transformed into a mix of human and the other race,gaining incredible powers and killing the blue one.In the end,i want to say:THIS RULES!!!!A great movie could be made of this animations.I really mean it.Keep up the good work.

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Dec 21, 2006
4:26 PM EST