Nightmare City

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WE hope you enjoy OUR animation (We are a group), this was made for the flash bomb 04, this is the first part of nightmare city.


This flash was AWESOME, but....

What was with the "Fake City," or the "I can't go with you?" Could you provide a seperate link at the end besides "Replay" that explains the story?

Freaking Genius

This was amazing. I have nothing else to describe it. The artwork and animation were beautifully done, the fight scenes had nice camera angles and the whole movie was energetic. This one gets 5 and the favorites list.


That may just be the most beautiful and energetic flash I've ever seen. Everything just clicked so perfectly. Amazing.

Best flash animation ever

The story of this animation is that in the real world they created a machine where the peoples mind can go into a virtual world, so some of the people (the ones with not shiny weapons) went into the world to test the new machine. In the virtual world there are some AI's which are the virtual cahracters. (the ones with shiny weapons) Getting to the story now: The yellow cat (Giko) looked up into the skies of the virtual world, and saw the changes and realised they had to get out of this world, and the AI's were out of control and would not let the real people out of the virtual world. Some people ran, some people fought and some hid. Giko was on his way out of this world when he past a pink cat (Shii) in a tunnel. "Lets get out of here together!" Then a blue cat (Morara) came to stop them. Giko fought with Morara and after that finally got rid of him, they were at the exit of this world. Shii stops, Giko says "Lets go." Shii says "Sorry I cant" and makes a huge wall to stop Morara from coming. Giko gets to the exit, promising that he will come back to get Shii out of this world, not knoing that its impossible... YEAH THATS IT KOOL YE!? Hold spacebar and click on words to play bar click play to see extra scene where Giko woke up.

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Really good!

This is amazing! The animation is perfect, I don't know how this has never win any awards before... Overall this flash is really good and it's going on my favs.

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4.43 / 5.00

Dec 21, 2006
4:26 PM EST