Nightmare City

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WE hope you enjoy OUR animation (We are a group), this was made for the flash bomb 04, this is the first part of nightmare city.


catz gone wild!

to the guy that reviewed b4 and told how the story went, good job.
Now about the actual movie....
great job to the ppl who made this, although maybe next time explain things jus a tad bit more clearly, it'd help ppl enjoy the story more (i enjoyed it regardless).

AMAZING!! I think i understand the story a little.

Ok, here it goes from watching BOTH the vids, but correct me if im wrong...: The orange cat is the main hero (duh) and the blue cat is the main villian with the power of evil light (another duh). Orange and Pink try to get out of the city but Blue intercepts. Meanwhile the others try to escape as well, but the other Evil Lights chase them down, such as, cat and guy in truck running from the three tan cats, Green running from Red (i know the cat's more pink than red but i already used pink), and Brown fighting White, there is also some bald cat lookin things hiding, i dunno. Anyway, Orange fights Blue with a stop sign and he loses,suprisingly-_-, then he falls into the water pops out and earns the water sword, so they fight again while the others regroup. Orange and Pink manage to get away to the edge of the city, but Pink doesn't go with him because she knows she's one of the Evil Lights and doesn't want him to know...then a wall comes out of nowhere seperating them. The ground starts crumbling so Orange runs, jumps away and promises to return. On the other side of the wall Blue tries to assasinate Pink, but she pulls out her light bow and thats the end of part 1.
Part 2: Orange returns to the city. The cat-human thing group saves the truckers from the tan cats. Green, Purple, and the human shoot at Red and White, but Red cuts em up by throwing his (or her) knive things at them. The human shoots Red, but almost gets pwned by White when all of a sudden, a ROCKET comes out of nowhere and oblitorates White (one of the bald cat things was holding a rocket launcher). Brown (who lost his fight with White) comes and tells Orange that Pink is one of the Evil Lights. Blue shows up and Pink fires her light arrows at him, but he deflects them and keeps running, so Orange pulls his water sword out of his ass (literaly) and fights Blue again. Blue knocks him down and throws his sword at him. Pink jumps in the way to save him and dies. Blue turns the sky red with blood or power (whichever comes first), Pink's light fuses with Orange to make him a Super Sayian cat-human thing so he can defeat Blue, which he does by smashing him through a roof and delivering the last exploding blow,so Blue's dead. Orange flies back and sees Pink in her human-cat form. He reaches out to her, but she dissappears and he falls and turns into a orange light ball and thats the end.
O.K. I know there's haters out there thats goin to say "You don't know your colors" or "You're a nerd that has too much time on his hands", I KNOW I GOT TOO MUCH TIME ON MY HANDS!!!!! WHY ELSE WOULD I SPEND A LOT OF MY TIME TYPING THIS?!! Anyway if anyone finds anything i left out please tell me. I hope I helped out some people with understanding the story a little.

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Cats! I love cats!!!

Cats! I love cats!!!
The story was good, I wonder what'll happen next?

The music was good

It was confusing.

Was there actually a story? I mean there were cats... and people living in harmony with the cats... but I don't know. I guess there was probably a faction of cats powered by evil light or something, and they must run this Nightmare City. Other than that it was awesome. Some of the sequences were a bit weird, but I loved the entire thing.

That was a bit confusing.

Good flash, great animation, ect... but... what?

Log of thoughts:
Ok, cats. Something's... wrong with the city? what? Uh... there's a green one, a blue one who is happy and has a sword... they're running, there's some fighting... more fighting on a train... what? Ok, they're fighting... he's drowning.. oh, look, he's back. He has a water sword now... he's winning... they run... Oh, hey, some dialog, now everything will be explained... wait... save her... OMFGWHERE'DTHATWALLCOMEFROM! Ok, she has a bow and arrow... good stuff is happening? Alright...

Yeah, that's it. I mean, you have good animation... it's just I don't understand. That's fine, but with storyline you should have all or nothing. I don't like scraps.

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Dec 21, 2006
4:26 PM EST