Nightmare City

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WE hope you enjoy OUR animation (We are a group), this was made for the flash bomb 04, this is the first part of nightmare city.


Good story

I saw this flash a lot of time ago and recently i view it again because i saw the title at second place and it reminded me it.

It is a really good flash with a deep story that at first time is hard to understand but once you have found the secret clip its easier to unterstand. I dont understand why this flash doesnt have awards or 500k+ views because it has amazing graphics(cats look simple but this gives them a good look), a good song which fits the animation and a history that makes you think. Anyways the calification proves people like it. Im not going to say it for not spoil anyone(in some way i was spoiled by a comment which says more or less the history..) but i recomend people see the two parts, think and later try to find the secret clip at then end of first part.

Other thing that liked me is that there are 3 main cats, yellow blue and pink but you also can see the fight and feelings of the people/cats that are trapped inside of the city

Also the interaction is great because of the space thing, you can see lyrics, select an scene and see lyrics and second part would have been better if you had put the space feature because i dont unterstand too much the song at catastrophe because im spanish.

A very good entry

This has nice graphics. The execution was very nice. Everything in it has been very well thought out. If this flash had more exposure, it would be a hit, although better music might be of the essence, but it's still good. Keep up the good work!

Wonderful animation

The thing that stood out to me immediately was the very high quality of animation. Also, the creative loading screen and the quality of the start button. Very solid entry. I know some people have criticised the music but I think it fit the piece well. All that being said I still believe that the most important part of reviews in constructive criticism so: You used a song that had a very high bpm rate in most parts so I think you could have gone even faster in those parts. The beginning was consistently very "fast" but when the drum beat returned it wasn't as up beat. In certain parts you could have done things to the beat even more. I saw that in certain parts their ears were seemingly blowing in the wind to the beat but that was somewhat strange when they were standing still and there was no real wind animation. The laser that was bouncing off the buildings in the beginning was also a little low quality in contrast to the rest of the video. When he was in the water also, his tail in between his legs looked a little strange, maybe you could have drawn it somewhat to the side or not at all. In the intro with the city that had a vectored effect (btw very well done) the white lines on either side of the screen fit very well but I think you could have gotten rid of these after that. I'm sorry if it sounds like I'm pointing out the smallest things that I'm sure you've debated in your mind and I'm not suggesting you go back and change any of these things they're just things to keep in mind for future videos. The only reason I was so nit picky with this submission is because of how high the over all quality of it was so great job keep up the good work.

very well done

that was a very impressive flash is there a part 2? could use a little better music =) but none the less one my favorates that ive seen on here

I can not say how awesome this is...

Words can not express it.

Great job; this flash took my breathe away, several times. :O


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4.43 / 5.00

Dec 21, 2006
4:26 PM EST