Nightmare City

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WE hope you enjoy OUR animation (We are a group), this was made for the flash bomb 04, this is the first part of nightmare city.


Good job

Well theres alot to be said but im not gonna be the one to say it all . I thought that it was pretty good and it was full of random action, and violence, although the main concept was over all pretty damn good; i think you could have put a little more moi into it (moi meens cute for anyone reading this submission who doesnt know japanese) i liked the assortmant of characters and frames but i think you also could have put more story about the minor characters into the movie i meen it seems like there are a bunch of humans and fuzzy animals standing in a city looking into the sunset for no reason except as to make themselves blind. once again good job focus more on the moi in the future with animals and keep on keep'n on ^_^ p.s. write me back about my response


This was awesome!!!

It does have the feel of some kind of extended intro to something...but I really enjoyed it! It does have some kind of anime feel, something about cats...good or bad I can't say.

BTW to the others, there is a hidden scene if you use the control, and there is a #2 for those who can't find it (just look at the creator's other work(s))

Great Job!

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great I think that if your up to the task you could make a nice cartoon or anime based on this I have some idea drop me a line if you wanna talk


well it... makes me want to go WTF!... but nice animation and (at the time) congrats on second best on portal. :D

Just like ever other Japanese anime show

Blind and confusing destruction over a strange plot hole that makes about as much sense as a bald guy's head chatching on fire for no apparent reason (seriously whats up with that)

Not to mention the romance seens, speaking of which, why were those two trying to kill each other over what I thought was the girl, untill the other guy tried to kill her

This Flash creates alot of ?????????????'s in my head but non-the-less if its blind destruction then you've got me hooked, but if you start putting in long boring lectures/speeches between the characters then you've just broken the line[refering to when a fisherman casts his line, hookes the fish, and then as he's reeling it in the line breaks and he loses the fish] cause thats a real turn off for me, and it seems that that happens in alot of (Japanese anime) shows ex. samurai champloo Blood etc.

So just keep it unsimple the way you have been and you've got my 5 in the vote box, oh and awsome animation

: Hope you plan on creating a series

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4.43 / 5.00

Dec 21, 2006
4:26 PM EST