Christmas Story

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This is a Moive about Christmas! This is my first christmmas film. Its kind of a mix of Scrouge and The Grinch. So aneywas hope you enjoy it!



WTF! haha.an original grinch movie.trying to steal the christmass.
LOL.greetings to you pezboy.remeber me? im the guy that reviewed u in pokeymon movie.good job in this one but try to take ure time in drawings and fuck that other son of a damn bitch that reviewed before!
haha LOL c ya

Pezboy440 responds:

Glad ya liked iT!

not to good

work on voice and drawing

Pezboy440 responds:

Sorry ya dident like it.

best christmas movie EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

amazing. destroying christmas has never been so freakin' hilarious!

Pezboy440 responds:

Glad ya liked it. And I'm also glad you thought it was best christmas movie EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LoL! So thanks for your soupport!


the animations were pretty cool, synch was a little off and the voiceover was pretty lame. all in all-ok. audio needs mad work.but you seem to have good flash skills that will do nothing but improve over time. keep at it!! elgordo2

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Pezboy440 responds:

Thanks glad ya thought ti was cool!

hey not bad

i remember watching/reviewing your pokeymon movie, i remembered seeing that. The only thing you really need a lot of improvement on is doing the lip synchng. if you get that down better, people wont notice it, and they will enjoy it more. great job on this one. glad you dont throw stuff together in 5 minutes like some others.

Pezboy440 responds:

Hi glad ya sew my 1st movie. And i'll work on the lipsinking more. Thanks for your time revueing!

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2.53 / 5.00

Dec 21, 2006
3:37 PM EST
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