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Possessions Part II

rated 4.23 / 5 stars
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Dec 21, 2006 | 2:32 PM EST

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Author Comments

THis is my 3th flash movie on newgrounds.
Its about a girl that gets possessed by the devil.The movie is inspired by many horror movies I¨ve watched.
Sorry about the size...hope its not too big.

It took long time to finish this flash,so I hope you like it!!:)

Tell me what you think...



Rated 5 / 5 stars


I didn't like the animation itself, it was a bit rusty If I may say, but the idea and the finish of it was surprisingly nice. Watch your grammar. It can be a bit disturbing. Otherwise...great!


Rated 3 / 5 stars

Much better!

I liked that part Better. We could see more of the people wich made the story more interesting. We could feel there was more action in it too. The writing was better too :) Still Bloody but it's still ok since it's not done for free and it's usefull to the story.

Sincerely the music was very good this time and the scream of the girl with the phone tonality really made me shiver... How come that did that to me? This is only a flash movie ne? The answer is simple: you made the rigth sound effects and music choices. Very wise out of you :)

Also I liked how the story turned out. It was original! I kind of felt sorry for the poor girl... ...
By the way, what was that Piano song playing at the end... I really feel like I heard it before... Made me nostalgic... (Where can I find it?)

MpGrill responds:

I dont know the name of the song...I can send it to you if you want it...


Rated 5 / 5 stars


I didnt expect something like that,but it was very good!

MpGrill responds:

Thanks for the score!:)


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Good work, but....

Good job on this flash! I really enjoyed the story line first off. It had a lot of influence on recent movies, but somehow the story still seemed to be original. The drawings were pretty good, not at the professional level yet, but you show the potential to achieve professional grade graphical quality. The soft music was inconspicious, but still laid a nice atmosphere throughout the movie and was a very appropriate choice. In my own opinion, I see that you are capable of very nice work. The only problem I saw with this video was the polishing.
First of all, proofread your text before submitting it. You would be suprised how much of a turn off typos and grammar mistakes are. Just in case, have someone else check your grammar too in case you have a consistent problem or something you didn't catch. DOnt wurry, i Done maked lots mistakes all teh TImes. =) Second of all, you should try to make your story end less abruptly. The "1 week later" and shes dead is completely nondescript. You need to do something with the girl dying or some kind of exorcism scene to fill out that week. Lastly, you need voice acting. Spending the extra few months putting woice acting in is definitely worth it when you see you score go from a 3.5 to a 3.9. If your voice isn't right to portray the character the right way, then find a friend whose voice is.
In conclusion, I liked this movie a lot, but it is very unpolished. You are missing the kind of things that separate "lost in the portal" material from the material that goes into some collection page that people will watch. I recommend one of two things:
1. Removing this entry from the portal for a few months more of work. This way you can polish up the subtitles, put in voice acting, and do any other polishing you find appropriate.
2. If your not passionately attached to this movie, then you can polish your next movie up really nice and submit a true masterpiece!
If you choose to remove this and resubmit it later, please tell me when you finish, i would love to see your full potential. If you choose to move on to your next project please tell me when that one is finished too! =D. I hope to see more work from you soon.

PS. I personally dont make flash movies, but a have seen enough of them for me to be a "critic" of sorts.

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MpGrill responds:

wow!Thanks for your review!
I´ll try to put some voice acting in my next project!


Rated 5 / 5 stars

great job

nice. i gave you a 5. it was creepy and great. end wasnt exactly what i expected but still good.