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Declaration of Revocation

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Edit: Thanks for not giving me front page, despite the fact it obviously deserves it. Burn in hell.

A flash version of John Cleeses famous comedy speech. I haven't worked as hard on this so if it is blammed it won't be all that bad. But still it's pretty funny if you think about it.

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that was amazing.

the only problem i had was already addressed (too fast on the slides) but it would be a bit more interesting to have an animation instead of reading. i liked the song and the jokes. overall 10/10 because it made me laugh.

@Hemlok it seems to me that the animations were not really intended to be very fancy, because all it was was a tomato, the word "NO" with an arrow, a few pictures, a few other things, and a crudely drawn football (@author by the way, i agree about the whole thing talking about the sport) i don't think the animation was really there to be focused on, more so just for fun. also, STOP BEING SO AMERICAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

from an american

i was pissed when i first started reading your slides. but after a few of them i started laughing. that was great. but just for the record fuck you for talking shit. but good flash, awesome man.

Sidorio responds:

You sound fat.


Pretty funny, though the slides were a bit fast.

Sidorio responds:

Making fun of Americans is always lolzy.

it made me

+++ Some parts of the speech made me smile.

+ Bill Gates as Adolf Hitler was mildly amusing.

+ Rocking tune

--- Fixed-speed progress is annoying. For most of it (specially the opening screens), it was too slow, then a couple of pages flicked by before I had time to read them (the pages about french fries/beer).

-- Numbers are often missing or flash by for one frame.

I'd read this before and it made me smile. However, the re-packaging really added nothing to it and, on the whole, actually resulted in something worse.

Sidorio responds:

Excuse me while I cry.


__The Good__
The only thing I could think of was the music. I liked the song and it made this flash a bit more enjoyable to watch. I guess it was pretty funny too.

__The Bad__
The animation was terrible, it was all poorly drawn. The style wasn't very good either. There was too much reading, people don't watch flashes to read, they want to watch something. You should of made people saying all of that writing. Some violence would have made this interesting too.

__Over All__
A poor flash with some good music. I don't mean to be rube but try harder next time. Nice try on this flash, keep at it and you will make a good flash in no time!

Sidorio responds:

Don't worry, you weren't that rube.

Credits & Info

3.05 / 5.00

Dec 21, 2006
12:24 PM EST