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A Christmas RPG

rated 3.91 / 5 stars
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Adventure - RPG

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Dec 20, 2006 | 3:12 PM EST

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Author Comments

There's been an explosion at one of Santa's factorys. The police are arresting random workers. And you, a minor worker, left in the dark about most things, are next.

Evade capture and work your way through the world as you attempt to discover the truth about the explosion, no matter who you take down!

Move with the W, A, S, D or Arrow keys. Interact with objects and your inventory through mouse clicks. Avoid being detected by the police, and find out the truth!

Three super-secret items plus one bonus secret available. Be sure to try and find them all!

And Happy Holidays!



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Fun but...

The only problem i have is with that 9 hole thingy... I spent an hour digging and still haven't got it. I feel kinda stupid for wasting all that time but i really want the stupid land mine already! And i hate leaving a good game unfinished. So if anyone could tell me exactly how to do it so i can finally get the secret thing...

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Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


I had no idea what the objects were for, nut really nice cliffhanger, you gonna make another one? I never suspected a random character would be one of the main bad guys. NICE JOB!!!

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Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Another cool season game. This one was somewhat better than the others, stood out somehow, pretty cool, and it was really fun, and addicting when playing it.

Oh, and a very cool name.....

Paranoia responds:



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

(WALKTHROUGH) nothing like an RPG

Boy, I love RPGs. The one problem is that your character walks WAY TOO SLOW. If you tripled his walking speed it would be a much better game. Also, I tried to play this on my Mac earlier, but that didn't work--I couldn't examine or combine any items. But it is working on this Windows here. Anyway, here's a walkthrough.

Go up to the top and exit the first area. Suffer through a boring cutscene, but pay attention to the dialogue. Get thread from the cupboard at the top right of the blind guy's house, get some paper and flour from the counter at the bottom right. Go to the bottom left and get a log. Then open the stove and use the log to light it. Go outside to the cannon (I went left, up, right, down around the house to get to the cannon; maybe you can also go straight across but I'm not sure) Combine the flour with the paper and the thread with the flour/paper, and then use the combination with the cannon. Then use the burning log with the cannon to make a flour bomb, and escape to the bottom through the dust. Go to the left and get a crowbar. Go down to the bottom and then to the left (be careful, there's a dozing guard--make sure you only walk in front of him when he's asleep), and there's a door or something in the ground. Use the crowbar on the door. Go right and go into the little room. Take the tray and bowl and combine them (put the bowl on the tray). Put the combination into the oven to get a melted plastic slab. Exit the room and continue to the right, until you get to a place where there's an inscription on the ground. Go directly up from that point (you'll seem to walk through the wall) to get a special artifact. Go back down, continue to the right and exit upwards to the street. Go left, talk to the shovel guy about shovels and look at the historic shovels if you want. Exit the shop and go up into the bar, and go right to the toilets. Look inside the rightmost toilet, then flush it. Leave the bar and just to the left you should find a shovel handle--combine that with your plastic slab. Go to the path just to the right of the bar and you'll see a bunch of mounds of dirt, and among these is a 3x3 square of mounds of dirt beside a chest. Use your shovel over one of the mounds in the 3x3 square to see what it does--it turns on/off the mounds in a plus sighn around it. It may take some finessing but you need to turn all of the mounds of dirt into dug holes. Then the chest should open, and you can go look inside it for an artifact. Now you can dig up the other mounds of dirt that are lying around and you'll find a key. In the bar, to the right of the bathroom, use the key on the door and talk to people to get another key. This key opens the door that's opposite to the shovel shop. Go into this other place and make your way past the lasers (it takes a little testing to see when they hit you and when they don't) and get the 3 documents: 1 from a bulletin board (remove lots of papers first), one from a table (you turn some switches) and one from another table. Get the last remaining artifact by going down into the sewers, all the way to the left--it's a hat. Now you have 3 artifacts and can talk to the wise man beside the bar--you can open the door. Walk around in there and get a certificate. Now talk to a guard and use the "document" icon instead of the "retry" icon (this is a really BAD game design imo, I had to read another review to get it). Watch some cutscenes. Open the topmost left door and watch a conversation, then pull the metal away from the base of the camera, pull the boards away from the window, go into the topmost right room & pull lever, go turn on camera, go to topright room & press button, watch cutscene, done. 307 characters left, wow, my longest review ever

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Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


i like the ouse great job on that and the graphics at the beggining were weird wats up wit that?
respond please nice job by the way

Paranoia responds:

It's a mental hallucination resulting from a bump on the head :P They don't have to be coherent.