A Christmas RPG

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There's been an explosion at one of Santa's factorys. The police are arresting random workers. And you, a minor worker, left in the dark about most things, are next.

Evade capture and work your way through the world as you attempt to discover the truth about the explosion, no matter who you take down!

Move with the W, A, S, D or Arrow keys. Interact with objects and your inventory through mouse clicks. Avoid being detected by the police, and find out the truth!

Three super-secret items plus one bonus secret available. Be sure to try and find them all!

And Happy Holidays!


Slowly but Surely

I loved the idea of using items you find to create items to solve puzzles. Hiding from the Police...the diffrent areas....the jokes...(Just had to put the puddle joke diddnt ya ha)...the gameplay did get a little slow at times, there should be a way to run...

I haven't finished playing the game yet so if anythng I said up there was wrong forgive me. Overall the game was solid and is worth of a sequal.

Paranoia responds:

Glad you liked it :) Thanks for the review.


for those of you that are haveing trubble and there seems to be alot ?? here is a walkthrough.

i give this game an 8!

-When the anoing alarm goes off just walk to the top dont worry about anything else.
-when ur in the old mans house go to the armwar in his room and open it and take out the fine thread. then walk into the kitchen. go to the right and open the 2nd cubbard and take out the old flower also take a pice of the kitchen rool. combine the flower and kitchen rool then with the fine thread. then go to the other side of the house and put a log in the stove after opening it.
-now for the excape! go outside and follow along the left side of the house to sneek past the man by the fence at the bottem. go behind the house untill u get to a cannon. put the flower bomb into the cannon and light the back of the cannon with the flaming log then run through the cloud and to the next zone.
-go left right away and on the ground is a crow bar. go south but be carful there is a guard here who will spot u but on and off u see zZZ so hes dozeing off. sneek past and find a very larg metal plate on the ground to the left of the road. use the crow bar on this.
-when underground go the the right there will be a door there and u will need to use the crowbar again go in and take the bowl off the counter. open the cubbard door on the left and take out a tray. combine the bowl and the tray then put them in the stove here leave the room and come back in then take the slab of plastic out of stove and leave the room.
-keep going right till u get to a circle on the ground that says Leap of faith. go straight up untill u get to an alter and there will be ur first legendary item. a pair of winged boots.
-go back and keep going right untill u get to a ladder go up the ladder. now ur on the surface again. go up a little till u see a green and blue door. between these doors is a spike take it and combine it with the slab of plastic. now u have a spade! go into the blue door and walk to the right.
-enter the mens room and open the last stall it has a tolit with wood on it. you can not remove this but flush the tolit, i mean it has to go someware right. go back down the ladder to the underground and go all the way to the left untill ur in a dark room on the ground is a diveing helmet take it and go back to surface with ladder.
-go behind the bar by going to the right of it. here u will find places to dig. one of them has a key and the spot with 3x3 mounds must be cleared to open the chest and take out an old landmine. now u have all 3 legandary items. go to the green door by the bar and enter the stone door. in here are a bunch of randome NPCs and a paper on a table that just congragulates u on finding all the secrits on the game.
-now back to the game. go into the bar and go to the end of the hall. open the door with the key u have go to the back of the room and talk to the leader next talk to the key guy and get the key. go back outside and use the key on the door to the right of the ladder. go past all of the lasers (tip go up but just dont let ur ears tuch a beem when going up but bring them very close to it) and find the evadince. one is on the wall, one is on a table in plane sight (to get to this one u have to use the switches on the walls) and the last one is in the 3x3 dressor on the far right of the house. after u have all 3 just hit a laser under retry will be a paper this is because u have all the evadence alredy and u show it to the police. there will be a caramone but the game is not over yet. -now u got to find the truth. wait till u can play again (a few mins maby) then go up and in the door at the end of the hall its ur room but its locked now enter the door on the left. OMG santa evil!! now to prove it. go back out side and remove the metal bars infront of the camra and go down to the small window on the wall and remove all the boards go back to where ur room is and enter the room on the right. flip the first switch on the left then go to the camra turn it on go back in the room and flip the switch on right. now watch the ending

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Not a bad game.

This was entertaining enough, I spotted the Leeroy Jenkins reference, Hector saying "At least I have chicken".
I admit, I had to use a guide to beat this this. Good work, you're talented and such, keep it up.



help please!

Okay can someone please help me with this! I have the crowbar and the slab of plastic and now I dont know what to do next! Someone please help! I have been at this point for ages!

Paranoia responds:

You need to combine the plastic with something to make a spade. Look for hints in the dialogue.

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3.92 / 5.00

Dec 20, 2006
3:12 PM EST
Adventure - RPG