A Christmas RPG

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There's been an explosion at one of Santa's factorys. The police are arresting random workers. And you, a minor worker, left in the dark about most things, are next.

Evade capture and work your way through the world as you attempt to discover the truth about the explosion, no matter who you take down!

Move with the W, A, S, D or Arrow keys. Interact with objects and your inventory through mouse clicks. Avoid being detected by the police, and find out the truth!

Three super-secret items plus one bonus secret available. Be sure to try and find them all!

And Happy Holidays!


Damn the lazers.

Seriously, I had just gotten the three documents and I was almost out, and one of the little bastards hit me. Could you please make this stuff easier in the future? It's like playing Beyond Good and Evil all over again >_<

Paranoia responds:

They're not that hard to avoid if you appreciate the head height perspective :S If you have all three documents, you should be able to continue from the capture screen anyway.


warning: do not read if you want to find the 3 legendary items yourself.

rusty landmine:
near the earth mounds, there are 9 mounds in a group. get them all "digged"

mercury heels:
undergrounds, go standing in the strange circle, in the part right before the exit, and keep moving up.

rusty aqualung:

go to the pub, into the men's room, ang into the rightmost toilet (the boarded-up one). flush the toilet (by clicking the handle), and return to the sewers. keep going left, until you reached the end. over there you should find the aqualung. (only if you flushed the toilet earlier.)

good luck.

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Paranoia responds:

Glad you found everything :P

pretty nice

The story and music were good. Only problem was the lack of control of the conversations...There are no next buttons to speed them up...

Paranoia responds:

I'll make a note to add something like that in future.

Good, some nuisances though

Pretty good game, i liked the way you have to combine and use stuff to complete it.
The story was questionable, "Barnsey"? and the beginning screamed of Final Fantasy 5.

Overall still good game

Paranoia responds:

Happy Holidays :)

eh ok

i beat it in like a hour so it was a little easy but fun!

Paranoia responds:

Thanks for your time :)

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3.92 / 5.00

Dec 20, 2006
3:12 PM EST
Adventure - RPG