DOTS! 7 (Fishing)

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This is a brief Flash belonging to my Dot Series. Fishing can lead to the unexpected. Review me and tell me what you think. Like it? check out my other Flashes.

Music by Tax 5 "Clouds", (edited by me).


Another cute Flash

As always these flashes are pretty cute and simple as that is the entent, one thing I have noticed that not alot of these have is much "DIOLOG" that could really ad some depth to this series, aswell as adding some more "CLOTHING" types.

So this one could use some more diaolog as others aswell in the series but also maybe adding some clothing will give the characters more depth.


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I liked this one, didn't expect this at all =]

Great Storyline, made me chuckle.
What was in the treasure chest anyway? It would be good if you added that to the flash.


It's good. It really is. The all are... They're all funny, cute... repetitive... starting to get less origonal... short... Not trying to be a put down, but may I suggest trying something else? You made 7 very short movies about dots... Memory's no problem for Newgrounds anymore with10MB per movie. Go wild. Make a o Dot Adventures o (ep 83047) and no one will bother, cause they'll think they need to see all of them first. At leased may I suggest giving the moves sub names... Like "o Dots Adventres o (ep 7) pirate attack" to differ them from each other. Enouh negativity, they're good. I still liked them.

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Shylian responds:

thank you for your suggestion. i agreed with it, but due to the character limit i didnt find it possible. yet now i see it might have more of a positive impact if they're subnamed, so it's been done. thank you very much!

You're getting there!!

Hey! This was alright actually. But once you see a lot of flash movies, you could tell that this one looks a bit 'scratchy'. One way to fix that is too make the outer outlines a lot thiker than all the rest of that object. It makes it look more secure and better.

Well done anyway!

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You made 7 episodes already? I think I missed out the rest. I only saw the first few and now this. You're getting much better at flash! I voted 5. As for suggestions. Try to use more gradients I guess. Maybe make the circle things not look the same? Like have differet eyes. Gender etc

Oh by the way. Want to use some of my music for these in your future flashes?

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Shylian responds:

lol yeah, my episodes have been moving faster than i really expected. thanks your reviews and feedback!

wow, cool yeah ill check out your music and see what i can do =) thank you!

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Dec 19, 2006
9:27 PM EST
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