Little Orphan Boy

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Be prepared to follow the events of a little orphan boy with Tourette-Syndrome in a wheelchair that has the purest intentions, as he writes his wish to Santa Goldman.

And damn, For your own sake relax, smoke a spliff grab a snack and enjoy this 10(!!) minute long adventure through a world, that you'd love to be part of.

Be sure to watch the whole thing as I ensure each of you atleast 1 giggle out of this.
I couldn't pull each scene off all perfectly, but it's worth watching the whole thing.
I may continue working on it, as it was just not enough time to keep the quality constant on such a long movie and there are some parts that I'd like to do different.
I had huge problems with the synching. I really hope it won't fuck up.

This is something completely new for me yet again. A full movie with a plot! It was alot of fun writing it and I just couldn't take any parts off, as little time as I had. So I worked my ass off on this the last 3 damn weeks to finish it in time. and AHAHAHA! Victory!

Hope it cracks you up as much as I did while working on it.
Anyways, Enjoy the whole damn showwww and
Merry Christmas you lovely pups.



That was great. I thought nobody knew about "House" in newgrounds.


love your style


it was really funny. i actually have a weak case of toretts syndrom.

well keep up the good work.

Sqeezy responds:

Do you lick your finger and rub it on people, objects or whatever is around?

That's a damn awesome tick.


Some jokes reek of /b/ and SomethingAwful.

Specifically "A Challenger Appears", "In the Pooper", etc. I love it, though.

so much randomness!!!

that was completely random but it has a storyline... IT WAS GREAT!

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4.31 / 5.00

Dec 19, 2006
12:00 PM EST
Comedy - Original