Uber Techno Sphere

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Fast paced, non-stop, arcade style game play with lots of particle effects and some kickin' techno from freeplay music!! How can you go wrong?

Music: Pure Energy - Freeplay Music
Sounds: Absolute Sound Effects


Good game.

It's great but long... when it end? It's look like it's endless. xP So i gave it 9/10.
I got over 200,000 i think... but i stoped efter those biggest red balls come up. And it killed my finger. You shot faster if you pressing the mouse button. Not to hold it.

About as fair as a gun to the head

Ear aching sound effects (when heard thousands of times), completely impossible to see where you are or where you're shooting. When things are small, the shots go through them with incredibly irritating regularity, and at 22,000 points or so, an enemy appeared that was straight away, literally as big as the screen. So I couldn't shoot it and my points went to 0 and stayed there.

WOOO! Make a sequel :P


The green box things just let them att u ontil they cover the whole sreen lolz 88,678 score ftw

Ahhh!! My Fingers!!

After 60,000 points those baddies fill up practicaly the entire screen! Also, I only hate those long dumbell ones. Arg, my fingers!.

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The follwing needs repeating

The following couldn't be more true. For the love of god, fix this.
I'm just going to copy and past something that was already said to you:

My one complaint: it's hard as all hell to see where you are when you're moving around because of all those "expanding ring of water" effects, and doubly so when you're moving and firing off a stream of shots. I found myself totally unable to locate my character on more than a couple of occasions. Fix that, and this will be the perfect time-waster. :-)

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3.44 / 5.00

Dec 19, 2006
12:09 AM EST
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