Mr. Saves The Day

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wrote, drew, animated, and voice-acted this cartoon all in 48 hours. One weekend.

update 1/25/06 - Mr. Saves The Day screens at the Spokane Film Festival this Saturday!

update 12/26/06 - This cartoon made the top 8 finalists list at First Night, which means, it gets to be screened in public. *gulp*

This year's First Night 48 hour film contest rules were to include ice as the prop, the line, "Why is it you always see just one shoe on the side of the road?" and the theme "Spokane, past, present, and future." So naturally it was a mess of a cartoon! Sorry people, had to keep it clean, it might show in a public setting.

Some of the content is relative to the region, how the Zip Trips are always getting robbed, or the variety of pot-holes drivers avoid, or the historic Great Fire of 1889.

This is the internet version of Mr. Saves The Day.


i like the fact

that the Police Sgt. had the stereo type Bill Cosby Voice.


That was kool i think there should be a Mr Saves the Day 2


Really good.
Thats it.

What? ...I Don't Know.

Meh, oh well.

Nice job, and a credit to Spokane.

You made this in 48 hours? I'm quite impressed. I hope you win something for your efforts. Good luck!

The breakdown on my scores:
Graphics: 8. This may have been created in 48 hours, but the artwork still looked really good. There were a few places where things seemed a little choppy, but all in all, pretty good graphics.
Style: 10: Nice plot, and everything tied well together and made sense, both within the story line and within the guidelines for the assignment.
Sound: 10. Music and voice acting were both right on.
Violence: 7. There was a bit of violence, both shown and implied, but you managed to keep it clean enough for a PG audience. A nice balance there.
Interactivity: 4, thanks to the play and replay buttons. Since this wasn't meant to be interactive, this doesn't count against you.
Humour: 10. I laughed at most of the jokes, and I'm from the Puget Sound area, which, as you know, is about as opposite of Spokane as one can get. Funny concept and great lines.

Overall: I set the minor graphics flaws aside because of the time constraints, so you've earned a perfect score for this movie. I just hope you'll get the same recognition from the folks for whom you made this! Good luck on your contest entry, and please let me know how this does.

10/10 and fifened.

I love it.

JeremyLokken is simply a Flash genius. This was creative, hilarious, and actually intriguing to watch. The character is funny and what he does in general just cracks me up. This needs more love.

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3.83 / 5.00

Dec 17, 2006
3:52 PM EST
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