Shin ArkAngel - 01

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Well its been a long time coming. This is Shin ArkAngel. My last animation using Flash MX, thank god...Forgive the dated looks.
I dont really have anything to say other than enjoy it and constuctive critism only please and I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have.


interesting and intriguing

although the movie has the feel of an anima show u managed to convay a solid story and characters.
moreover i liked the ending with the word "Nefilim" since in hebrew it means something along the line of titens.


The only reason this received a 4 for graphics and a 4 for style, were because all of the crap you copied this from was good in the first place.

This "Original Series" was nothing but the final outcome of the better parts of other successful anime series thrown together to make a crap pile. The characters were modified clones from Eureka 7, The main cockpit in the ship was a total rip from Outlaw Star, and the mechs? Oh god. Oooh Lets slap some wings on The mechs from Evangelion that come from planes! Please. Try coming up with your own ideas instead of tracing fight sequences and animations from other Series.


You serious? Eureka7 MUCH? talk about being original. kudos douche. You basically copied the character design, the design of the inner ship, and i noticed some parts of the fight animation was a total copy of one in Eureka7. lol. I'll give you a two for spending all that time animating the damn thing. You should feel proud. =D

to similar to already copyrighted material

ok it was well drawn... but this is very nearly copyright infringement and im sorry if i sound like im patronizing. The dead give away that this is a eureka seven copy is that the main characters are drawn to look so much like the characters of said show it seems unoriginal.


That have to be one of the most unoriginal flash i have seen in years. The title reminds me bit of gundam, the movie reeks of eureka7 and evangelion and the whole transforming thing, whats with that, some sort of power ranger spoof or something. Story point, like a lot of others. some no good bratty kid hero and some girl in skirt, seriously, not very original AT ALL! but hell, i'll give some points for effor either way.

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3.44 / 5.00

Dec 17, 2006
3:01 PM EST
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