Snow Turret

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Blast them snowman back were they came from in this fast paced turret game!
This is not a defence game so much, Just a fun to play christmas game! Merry christmas to all!

-NOTE- Afew things sorted out. One button that was`nt working and a like added, Enjoy!


that was lame

if it wild have had stoping points every 1s in a wile it might have been ok

umm...maybe this should have been good...

did it have to, um, suck? maybe if there were more upgrades than just health, maybe if they didn't take so many hits to go down...i don't know. but this...this SUCKED.

Dude...not cool

Like someone else said the elf turret isnt benefical or visible.
Its repedative monotonous and mediocre.

Fun, But graphically lame.

It's fun....For awhile.. After it becomes lame..The graphics are not that good...and the music loop is annoying.


When you spend time to see what the elf turrent does you get pretty pissed when you find it does nothing and doesn't look good, same with the tree, this would of been a great game if you had more song choices, different types of enemies and if the power up actually did something, instead of doing nothing but just sitting there.

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3.07 / 5.00

Dec 17, 2006
2:57 PM EST
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