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OMG I PASSED NEWGROUNDS! Thanks everyone who helped get me through. ive been trying for ages.
Thanks Guys!

My first Fullbody Flash. Its Good, and watch the bonus features first. then go onto the accual thing,


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The graphics were very chalkish which is cool. The style was great. Don't see to many of these flashes. The sound wasn't all there. Not so much sounds. Tere was some violence but not a lot. The beginning menu was cool. Also, it was a lil funny.

Add some backgrounds, more sounds, voice acting, more violence (make someone get hurt, die etc.), and add some more humor.

Please respond

Review Request Club

Twist-Chao06 responds:

kk Thanks. me, Yingyong, and Dimond Boy are doing Voice acting for NO:4.
Glad You enjoyed it!


Right away I saw that the menu was a good bonus. You also had some extra features. The animation went pretty smoothly. I liked the themes and ideas behind this movie because quite frankly this is what happens in real life.

The graphics could have been improved. You could of added some backgrounds and voice acting aswell.

An okay flash.

~Review Request Club~

Twist-Chao06 responds:

Thanks. It was supposed to be a chalk effect, but, ill improve in No:2


__The Good__
I liked the black and white style to this. The opening was good and had great music. Nice sound effects. I also thought it was pretty funny, it got me laughing quite a few times.

__The Bad__
Better animation would have been nice. More music and sound effects. Also, voice acting would have been cool.

__Over All__
A funny flash about a retarded video game. Nice job on this flash, keep up the good work!

Twist-Chao06 responds:

Thanks Alot, ill keep some of that in mind!!

good shot

nice try, although i suggest putting in more frames for smoother animation. i think the bonuses were the best part, and im glad you got passed judgement! you'll get better, trust me.

ps: i loved the preloader.

Twist-Chao06 responds:


not bad!

its not bad but just make it a little longer.keep on going!

Twist-Chao06 responds:

No: 2 will be alot longer i promice. Glad you liked it!

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3.71 / 5.00

Dec 17, 2006
9:56 AM EST
Comedy - Original