Santa's Pissed 2

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*Resubmitted-- There was an error with the last one. This one is fixed.*

This is my first flash cartoon. I want to thank you for checking out my cartoon, any criticism is welcomed.

I actually thought it would be funny to have a racist hatemonger of a Santa Claus that blows off childrens' heads. I personally thought that that was pretty f*!#ing funny.


you need help!

that being said(is a joke) welcome to the club. ha well that list was funny to me, messed up but funny, animation is kinda droll but smooth. :) good direction tho


List thing could have been funny if you really went to town with it, but you took the "safe" route. I really hoping for some crazy combinations (Like "No black jewish kids with gay mexican parent",etc). Even stupid extra add-ins like that can end up really funny. I think the reason you'll get some flak for the whole " naughty list" thing is you never really differentiated your views with your evil santa's views (in the flash anyway). A simple way to remedy this issue would be if you do something like the list, just include every major race/ group that a stereotypical racist would hate (Just some you missed were asians, mexican, arabic people, punjabis and of course, the french!) You take into account the fact that not a lot of people read the comments until after viewing the flash, if they do at all. So with that in mind you have to make sure that you REALLY drive the idea home that your santa is a walking stereotype. Otherwise, stuff like the list ends up looking a bit targeted and that raises suspicions about your artistic motive. Hope that helps!

Grimm331 responds:

thanx man that really helped.
Merry Christmas


that was horrible.

Grimm331 responds:

thank you glad that you liked it.
Merry Christmas

that was great

it was funny but likw the person said below me don't start that rasict crap if your one of those ppl on the list don't start freaking out just forget about it god
Nice Going Man,

good animation sick humor

Well I have to say that's one sick of humor, found it a bit funny, i do not judge based on belief's like tigo a few reviews back, so i gave it a 5 i either vote 0, 3 or 5, no inbetween so 5 it got.
it made me laugh, and to anyone else reading this don't you dare start that racist bull ****. other than that your work of art here is worth being on the portal.

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2.70 / 5.00

Dec 17, 2006
2:18 AM EST