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2000 frame montage

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Author Comments

like last time this is simply a training exersise. this time i made it longer though. ok i know what some of you are thinking. it doesnt have a story. so? its still good. before you press zero or one keep that in mind k? thanks. ITS NOT MENT TO HAVE A STORY. its just a fbf practice. i normaly use 20 fps but 35 is tough.

~fn ~fa

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nice FBF

No im not saying the 5 dreaded words >_>

i am saying that this is VERY VERY good fbf, ive done flash for a short time and all my stuff sucked, i was doing fbf and all the stuff i had NEVER came even CLOSE to how good this is

Good Job man
keep it real

nice one

that was a pretty cool FBF-style montage you have here. i found the whole plot to be a little bit random overall, but talk about good graphisc. they were pretty good in this one... really made this one enjoyable. you have some awesome talent when it comes to that... hope to see more from you in the future.

FireNuke responds:

so you shall. i might make a 5000 frame montage if i can be arsed. any way, thanks for not uttering the 5 forbinen words
"make somthing with a story". you understand what real talent is and i respect that, a lot. thanks. fuck it, just for you, i WILL make a 5000 frame montage.

Yay ^^

Hmmmm, if I could actually work flash I'd've done my own parts with the frame-by-framing of each line... But what can't be helped can't be helped. I think it turned own quite well.
Style, Dogzin? What is style? You have no claim to style, love. Well done, you've made either: A. a collaboration. THAT'S never been done before, of course, so it's definately your style. B. Stealing my art without my direct permission and recoloring it like you've never seen a female body before. I have to admit, I really really love that style, Dogzin. C. Shit. Speaks for itself.
Xenothingy, I think you're being too harsh... Although it isn't the most finely toned of things, it's not crappy (like most of Dogzin's flash) either. The art wasn't that bad, you really gave us a very unfair mark for that. Perhaps you were going on the frame-by-frame instead of the finished product? If not, I'd love for you to send me a message and tell me what was wrong with my art (which I'm sure you can identify between because of the different art styles - I draw the strange looking women with long eyelashes, FireNuke draws the more cute-sy animé.)
JohnGames, it was NOT - I repeat, NOT blammed before: FireNuke removed it himself. It maintained a score of 2.8. Regardless of how 'the audience of NewGrounds' wants things, I think we did the right thing on doing something different than others (fuck you, Dogzin, fuck you)... If you were given exactly the same meal that you liked every single day, you'd grow to hate it eventually, wouldn't you?
Liam, you're an idiot.
Snow, thankyou! Umm... Well, go and watch 'Teh Magic RPG' by FireNuke, that has a story for you. Appetite satiated for am plot, yet?

FireNuke responds:

i hate this review. why? because it contained the word dogzin more then once. i love this review. why? because it explains alot stics up for me and advertises tmrpg!!!1 amber, i love you^^ xeno, WOAH, harsh, dogzin, fuck you sex offender boy. other who insult or fbf ness, go die


I was amused by the the way you made it like you were drawing characters and settings, Rather than just lines dancing around like most ones.

Yeahh, get your own style - i MADE that style - no one else has it

FireNuke responds:

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA you honestly belive that? alrighty do you a deal

ignoring that i have a style, i shall "get my own style" if you generaly stop leeching off other people. this means
. no making collabs, re cruiting the best and making crap parts.
. no makign quick fix plot devices and some how getting co for prodjects you did fuck all for
. no making people do hard work only to badly sync ic
. and no stealing ideas from xgen.

sound fair prickzin?


I saw this before, and yes I know you added on to it from the blam so it obeys the rules. I am sorry to say that this will get blammed just like before merely because it was, well practice. People will continue to blam practice stuff because they want a story. I of course understand why there is no story but you must cater to the audience of newgrounds, or you will see another blame yet again.

FireNuke responds:

IT WASNT BLAMMED. IF YOUR SUCH A PROFESSIONAL COULDENT YOU SEE IT HAD A SCORE OF 2.8. things are blammed at 1.6, it was at 2.8......think about it. i removed it my self due to a low ass score and made a better one. you speak like a pro yet made a foolish mistake. blah, the audience of newgrounds, what the hell does that mean. there is alot of n00bs to flash artists but alot of the flash artists under stand how fuckign hard this is at 35 fps.

thank you
good night

Credits & Info

4.04 / 5.00

Dec 16, 2006
11:37 AM EST