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Santa Vs Satan

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Author Comments

Now i realized the front fight is totally rubbish but afterwards, it will be better..lol


Derek's review

hi, long time friend :D
Long time never see you, and its great to see that you have continously soughting and fullfilling your dream to become a creative director. You are on the right track. :D I can say that we "train" together on internet stuffs. Remember that time after o levels where we begin to make anime sites? the inuyasha site? Its been 2 years and time seems to fly very fast. What i can say is that, you have been improving alot and you are closer ahead to your dream.

Your portfolio will be excellent, with "Seven", "POD" all those flashs, erm, i missed "Seven" when are u continuning the episodes?
among all your flashs, i think that pod has the most potential of hitting out great !....

erm.. enough of these.. back to the flash review.

Firstly, i would like to congrats you for this masterpiece. ITS GREAT! Compare to many of the people in my school, i must truefully say that , yours are ranked among the top. With such graphics, sound, music. Its Excellent and its a good result that i think you should really be proud of.

Also, its good that you have those voice acting things. thank you for thanking my comments in considerdation. those voice acting will really enhance the effects of your flash.

For the storyline, i have really nth much to comment about. its simple and nice, quite touching too, actually, have you ever consider becoming a storywriter for mediacorp instead of a creative director? :D

For graphics wise, its good, your drawing skills have increased alot.. from your first flash "Seven" and when i c the flash, i not only see a good masterpiece, but i can c your efforts and time that u put in.

Music, it suits the story. nice job on finding the songs. maybe next time u can find some sponsors where u can get those freelancer singers to compose a song ONLY for your flash? that will be good.

In conclusion, keep up the good job. And i wish for every success in your future career. Also, keep us updated on your coming project, POD, when is it launched? looking forward to it....:D

Good Luck and Merry Christmas.


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Black-Crystal responds:

Actually i didnt really planned to become a creative director or a storywriter, i just wanted to have fun while doing the animations that i desired and also to keep improving and gaining more experience.

Ya, i do improved quite abit but still not enough to even compare to the real professional animators. Actually i do hope that i can improved more in the creativity part, a creative person is a real talented person.

All the animations that i have done are only the beginning of a very long journey and right now, i am just taking one step at a time. Maybe some time in the future, i will able to get a original song for my flash.

POD is really a tiring flash to do when it required alot of passion, motivation and patience to even complete one episode.

POD#3 will launched anytime from now to early jan

The longest response that i have ever written..Good luck and Merry christmas to you too.


A bit weird. I mean santa fighting satan. Satan wanting to be loved. that just hits like a 8.5 on my wtf meter. but still pretty good.

Well... >_> You tried.

Please don't take this the wrong way when I say you could have done much better.

Graphics: The main area of problem in your submission. The anime look is nice but your art lacks dynamism. And when you shade your characters (IE when santa first pops in) You have the problem of line shading. Meaning you follow the lines and this messed up the psudo-3d look of anime. The snowmen and things outside you did well so follow that examply and shade at edges and points of the most loight rather than at the lines.
Style - Anime is nice, the Bishi santa was an unexpected twist. Satan could ahve used a bit more work tho.
Sound - Not overly statics and decent music. One of your better points.
Violance - You had fight scenes and you kept to teh christmas theme somewhat. Could have been more imaginative and longer tho. >_>
Interactivity - Its got a start button.
Humor - Semi humorish so its ok.
After that you got the proglem of the story which isint all to well thought out, you probly rushed it to make sure you would be done in time for the holidays.
Mostly that covers everything. Also incase you didnt get the idea I was talking about in shading theres and eample in this tutorial.
Note: This is related website content and is not illegal to be posted on this space. you will also have to peice it together to use it because i cant put URLs into the post.
.php?tutorial_id=31 Its down to where he talks about shading. Hopefully you can use this to make your next submission look higher quality ^_^ Enjoy.

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very awesome and strange

lol thats strange. but anyway i knew santa could kick arse how else could he deliver presants lightning fast and fit threw chimnies and keyholes

Great till the end

I must say, a verry nice piece of work, everything worked out to the end. just a small note to shane-lynch; You dont have to take everything as its shown. Actually Santa beats Evil every year, by spreading the love trough the world. Thanx for this nice flash, good luck in the future, and a merry X-mas and a happy newyear!

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Credits & Info

3.66 / 5.00

Dec 16, 2006
8:39 AM EST
Comedy - Original