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Prison Escape

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Update: highscore system added.

It's World War II, you've been captured by the German SS during a covert mission in enemy territory. They transport you to a secret prison facility deep in Nazi Germany dedicated to extracting information from spies.

Your objective is to escape from the prison if you can! You have to move quickly or they'll get the information out of you or kill you.

You can move and use objects to get through different rooms.

Watch out for the guards, you can usually sneak around them if they are not looking directly at you.

27 levels in total, lots of puzzles and challenges to overcome.

'A' 'D' 'W' and 'S' keys to move left, right, up and down.

Move your character towards objects to activate them or to push them.

This game has an auto-save feature - so you can come back at a later time and continue playing.



make another one i find this to be a great game needed help on the spelling on lvl 22 but other then that it was good like how u have to beat the last lvl and the dagger but could have used in more of the middel not closet to the end and i like the lvl where u get the dagger

keep it up

freeworldgroup responds:

we'll probably look at making another like it in the coming months. But for now we are trying to make completely different games every time.


Great and intelligent game...thank you for the time and thought you put into it I appreciate it. Had a lot of fun


haha nazis are objects, very subtle commentary
sexy game, puzzles make you think...but very doable and fun


freeworldgroup responds:

glad you liked it : - )

A legend among the games on NG

I have to say that this is going straight into my favorites, I've played a game similar to this which was based around stealth but it never really sufficed, this game however filled in the blanks and spiced it up really well! I love the low down thing, not a crappy top down view like many other games, it shows off excelent graphics and the profession in how you've created this game. The short cut scene at the beginning was good too, it added to the effect of the game, rather than a lot of others that throw you straight into it. I also gave humor a rating because of the overflow of blood that came from the prisoner being beaten, the amount just seemed to make me giggle for an unknown reason.

Tops dude! All my five are belong to this! A second coming would be good too, perhaps modern set with a criminal escaping from some maximum security prison.

Two thumbs up ;)

freeworldgroup responds:

thanks... yeah we'll make another sometime next year.

Nice one

I liked it style though but i got stuck on lvl 23 with that puzzle.Im brazilian and dont understand much english but i understand enough to comunicate withouth problems.Can u give me a hint on that one?

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3.58 / 5.00

Dec 15, 2006
8:08 PM EST
Puzzles - Sliding