When I Grow Up

December 15, 2006 –
August 7, 2008
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Author Comments

Eh, I kind of like it and I kind of don't. You'll feel the same way.

There are many problems with it, mostly with sound being awful, that I edited later on after getting the short into a film festival.

If you enjoy it though,



holy shit somone with moral standards and who animates with a point, thats rare.

great flash but all i gotta say is the girls a bitch

I used imagine that the sun and moon pulled off the most peaceful property transition in history... and it happens on a daily basis! I guess I need start watching a little more closely!

I think I get the general message, but if there is something deeper than that it might have eluded me... otherwise, I thought it was really just fun.

I really enjoy this style of animation. The absence of words
emphasises other methods of conveying a message.

Nice work all around.

This was a fantastic and extremely well-done animation. I really love how everything had a face and that it was all alive. I'm glad those meanie flowers got what was coming to them. The out of place flower seemed so true to life. Also, I like how smooth it was, like when a face turned or the hand waved, it wasn't choppy whatsoever. Incredible job. I hope you continue making flash your entire life, as I'm sure you have more simple truths to inform people. :-)

I really liked the message and there was a good balance of elements, I like the artistic style and the sense of humor. It is really very good, I hope you continue to make more flash videos.

i love how dat kid torture dose 3 flowers n it was so dam funny

Ive Watched both your animations now... thought both were very good and im glad that newgrounds isnt full of porn and violence...I like the story on this one and i was pretty happy when those asshole flowers got picked apart piece by piece...well one of em anyways...Great message, good graphics, pretty sweet sound, good job.

that is what everyone does to me but i make everyone esle happy :)

I have watched both of your flashes and i think they are excellent. you are on my favourte list. keep up the good work.

I absolutely loved it.

It seriously brought a tear to my eye when I thought the main flower was gonna get ripped to pieces :(

I enjoyed the music a lot more in this one than in Connect Two.

The story itself was cute as well.

Keep making movies Jay, I look forward to seeing the rest of your work.

awsome work, the quality is awsome, the music is simple, yet..touching. the plot is good, and it even had humor. over all, it was great

Sugarman, you rock, everything is perfect. Sound rocks. I like everything, its flawless, and different, unlike most gorefest cartoons. This also touches on an aspect of life. Both of you submissions are amazing. Make more.

I agree with you; I sort of like it, sort of don't.

Mostly do. :D

I love the sun's animation, and the battle between the sun and the moon. I like the progression of the flower's life and how everything he does happens differently, yet he's the one who is the girl's favorite (which, is obviously the plot of the movie). I really can't think of anything bad to say, except that the flower's eye was a little TOO big. :)

At the end, it should be happy, the flower got a new friend. But it's not, because his 3 comrades have been murdered. Yes, they weren't nice with him, but he still wanted to be their friend, so he certainly didn't like the fact that they are dead. Also, he's in a glass, and his roots are in air, which is not good for a plant. But the graphics are nice. In a lot of movies for kids, the rejected kid is always the one with the slowest physical development (e.g: in happy feet, the pinguin is the last to lose his baby feathers).

I love this one. I simply love it. You have to make more, i'm looking forward to see more work from you!

another exellent job man. and the graphics aren't that bad... certainly 1000% better than mines.
keep doing the great job, NG need more people like you, with this vision of the world and creativity for making terrific movies.

I love it! I'm adding you to my favorite authors list. You truly make awesome animation. I don't think you should add voices like everyone else at all. It truly speaks a lot of words even without adding voices to every character. I love it!!

Its was really funny even if it didn't have any voices in it. I liked the moon and sun fighting and the rooster, just shaking its head at the audience...

I also liked the fact the lonely seed, who got picked on, just because it was different, was the one that was cherished most once it became a pretty flower. I kinda feel for the lil guy, because I was just as so laughed at, and hated, when I was growing up.

and I like that quote at the end. Its true. Even though you can't make everyone happy, at least make one person smile, and they'll smile back at ya! ^_^ kudos my friend! kudos!

Just because there ain't no one getting mauled doesn't make this a great movie. I like your animation style, the humor, and the messege. I think the way you closed it out was a good way. This is something that could be a short for Nick Jr. or something.... given they didn't have a problem with the dead seeds and have not....

All in all, this is an incredible flash. Anyone who says different needs some culture.

Beautiful, touching, inspiring.. it made my favorites list too. I'm definately going to show that to my little brother and little sister, thanks for great job on it, keep it up^^

I loved it; it was really cute, I felt sorry for the lonely flower ;(. The animation makes the audience feel like the lonley flower, which I think is what makes it a sad movie, but it was great. A very original movie, I love your style. The prospective at the end where the lonely flower got grabbed, made you think he was going to die too, and it would be a gruesome ending. But I loved the suprise ;o). 5/5. Great job!

That was great but how in the hell was that made for kids?!?!

Beautiful, just beautiful!

Well it's a regular bully/bullied story, yet insanely original!
Pretty well thought out, too.

Kind of sad too

That girl was a little mean, but the flower's were asses. The ending almost seam cruel, but at the same time he did make her happy. At lest he's life meant something more. It was like his pain was for something more important and bigger than him.

that was really good but sad. good that it was different and the animation was nice. but sad because that little flower never got any friends even at the end and was freaked out the entire time. so lonely waah~.

I think theres not enough flashes like this, since most of the others to have a habit of being rip-offs of rip-offs and so on. Really original and most people can relate to this flash in some way.

This flash rocks!

Brings back memories =)

Poor flowers.

Wonder what happened to the orange one?

I thought this movie was great. It is refreshing to see this kind of thing on Newgrounds instead of the usual crap I see all the time. The graphics were great and expressed the story in a way speech could ever do. The sun and the moon fighting made me laugh and I couldn't help but feel sad for the flower. People should really follow your example! 5/5

This was good. It had a nice plot, and had a nice message. Always kept me guessing. The story's end was "sortof" predictable, but it wasn't clear what was going to happen. It was a good ending, a good story, with good scenes. The music was well made too. Two thumbs up.

wtf? first I see this animation which is ever so lovely and thoughtful, then i read the latest review and i see in your response that you called the guy a douche? Listen, man, you need to be more open with your reviews. Some people will give criticism based on what THEY really think is right. Even if they have no idea what they're talking about, that's no reason to call them shit like THAT.
Anyways i thought the animation was pretty good, average style but nice story telling and that's really what made it.

Hi there, this is going to be a serious review, so listen/read carefully.
1. I am not 'the average NG user', you use the term often when replying to reviews, simply dismissing them by assuming those users are/were looking for shallow and/or violent flashes. I love deep pieces of work.
2. This flash is neither deep, nor inspiring, nor touching. It doesn't even have a well thought out message. This is not even a matter of opinion.
3. You will have the last word, you'll be able to review this review and say whatever you want, I won't be able to reply to it and you will most likely assume things that are simply wrong, thus not really listen/read nor consider that what I am writing could actually be completely true. Please don't ask me to take this 'discussion' elsewhere, via e-mail or anything, the point of all this is to make my statement and your reply public.
4. No I haven't submitted any flash movies, but you'll agree that Michael Schumacher, despite never having built a Formula 1 car knows the difference between a good quality car and a bad/cheap car.
5. Please stop being so extremely humble, if you do something cool (like creating a flash movie) you can be proud of it. No need to go all Oscar-winner-ish on us. Start being human and at least a little bit selfish, stop pretending you only care about others. (if you don't, Darwin will zap you)

So, the music was simply boring, it didn't add anything to the atmosphere and it wasn't calming or anything, at most it was irritating. This goes into the direction of opinion, but still, others criticized it and they were right, even most of the people who 'loved this flash and were touched by it sooo much' will agree.

The graphics were alright, pretty damn good even, although the animations were very slow and stretched, it all looked good. Nice style, good perspectives et cetera.

The humor was cheap, unoriginal and not funny. We've seen all those Sun/Moon jokes before, they weren't executed well, they were like everything else way too slow, stretched.

Now to the interesting part, the plot/message.
Guy is unpopular all his life, others mock him all the time, in the end the others are/get screwed and the 'protagonist' is better off.
This is not deep, nor original. Many NG users, mostly young, say they are 'touched' by this flash and that it 'really spoke to' them. Well of course, the probability that people who come to Newgrounds and write reviews, are or have been social outcasts or in other terms 'fat/nerdy losers' is extremely high. Of course these people will like the idea that even though they've been through such rough times everything will turn out alright, because they always stay who they are and don't care about trying to be cool in front of others. How touching.
This is not how the world works. Wake up. It is completely natural that people make fun of others who are in some way weaker and/or out of reach. If you're going to be a whiny little wimp about it nothing's ever going to change, no matter how hard you believe in it and no matter how many fairytales, flash movies or what your mom told you. Instead of sulking in self pity (as the flower does in the movie), you have to actually do something about it. What you ask? It depends on the situation, there is no universal answer, but the message mediated through this flash is not a beautiful thing, it is in fact, pathetic.

Continue making flashes, you're good at it, but the message of this movie has nothing to do with reality, unless we're talking about Winnie Pooh's world here. Either you haven't grown up yet / you are particularly naive, or you tried making something popular by being extremely sentimental and counting on everyone's naivity.
Hope I didn't forget anything. Thanks for your time.

this is a shocking similarity to my own childhood *sniff*
except yaknow without the giant little girl killing them all part

yeah pretty cool. not bad balball

good graphics, animation and sounds come out alright.

slightly warped which i liked, i love the idea of the sun and the moon kicking the shit out of each other everyday.

i'd be lying if i said the ending wasn't cheesy

this is amazing when it comes down to it i mean wow what real emotion and the art wasn't bad either hmuour was placed perfectly and just the meaning is well......so well understood ans so deep i would say this is a flash worth remembering. good job.

this was the best thing on new grounds it was soo good i think this should b on cartoon net work this was like the only thing on nw that wasent about sex or comedy or death i put homor on 0 coz there was nothing funny about some flower getting teased

p.s. the other flowers dont count becouse there was no blood

i loved it these kinda flash's arent seen that much but when you do they allways bring a smile to you face and thanks for the smile

It was great. There really should be more of this stuff on Newgrounds. It's a good message of which I will be sending to my friend.

Thank you man.... I really enjoyed this. Not just for entertainment... but this flash really spoke to me.... It really did. Dude you made me cry... >_< Thank you.

While it was well executed, I don't really care for things of this kind. Although I wonder how it got a "This submission is appropriate for all ages" rating. Like the characters, I've never cared for morals like that. Although I wouldn't say I'm selfish. Truth be told, I was hoping this was some kind of parody of those kind of "When I grow up" disscussions.

To make it short and be blunt: Well executed, but dissapointing & uninteresting.

well you dont see this on newgrounds every day, which is a good thing. im putting this sucka in my fave caz its just that good.5/5

Beautifully executed

Wow a story with some meaning behind it! Well done, i really enjoyed it.

yaaaa sweet i loved it.
you got talent in animation and this had the best message in a movie that i have ever ever seen!!!!! omg!!
it ruled!~!!!!!!!!! yaaaaaaaa
awsome! you r awsome!

Wow, that was deep compared to some of the things in the portal that made me sit there in deep concentration watching it, I have to admit at first I was a bit dettered by the music but it really brought the whole thing together and kept it light hearted even when the subject matter wasn't

Some dumb kid named Jay Sugarman, I don't care what other users say, I liked it!

Geez, this is as bad as that time you all fawned over that stupid "robot rejection" film calling it "artistic" and "deep." What is so "sentimental" about these flashes that makes people "reduce to tears" anyway? First off, the animation always tends to stink in them if they consider it "artistic." The sounds too. This one was no exception. Better than the last time at least.
And since its "artistic" its allowed to be extremely slow-paced and boring because its "sentimental." Could these artists please understand that the truly memorable flashes will be the ones that have their own original, fresh ideas, good animation, good sound and some other decent values.
I can't understand why a bad animation is given the attention it is given if its under the guise of being "sentimental." Sure, maybe if it actually had some more power than your average flash then you could give it some more credit, but theres nothing that touching about this. And yes, I did see how the flowers were meant to represent things. And no I didn't consider it anything worth putting it on the front page.
Stop paying attention to these please. You guys are good enough critics to see beyond immediately slapping the front page sticker on any old "artistic" flash that has the guise of being "sentimental." So why pay so much attention to a genuinely average flash?

you have mastered the art of telling a story and evoking emotions in your audience- all without the use of words. a very true story- and very well done. The message was very uplifting and very pertinent, because it is profoundly true. bravo.

Excellent story with great witty humor here and there. Very meaningful and almost brought a tear to my eye because it's true.

This is a very great anumation that almost made me cry and it had a happy ending good job.

I thought this was a VERY Nice flash movie, i thought it was original, well planned...It was beautiful, i can tell you spent alot of time and skill on this, and i know you will improve, keep up the very good work my friend.

wow, it reminds me of my childhood, thank you so much, i vote 5 of 5! :D

Heh, signed in for the first time about a year just to review this because i just felt I had to. I really loved it, it was original and for some reason whenever something was happening to the outcast flower I was thinking he would come out better than the other 3 and they woulda all gather round him, ugly duckling kinda thing. But your ending was brilliant and wasnt what I expected at all. Really really nice work.

not bad

loved it. Nice smooth animation. Sound flows with actions. No glitches and no waste animation. One thing i dont get though is how was killing the other three flowers making someone feel better?

Great job.

I don't know what the hell I was watching, or how I got around to watching it but I liked it for what I can remember of of, that was like one long acid trip or something make, flowers dancing round the place, ugly lil british kids, and a guy playing a guitar over and over in my head man. Just like the 60's

It was very touching :D I loved it :D I watched 3 times now :3
Great work , and who is the one playing the guitar ???

this must have been the greatest flash ive seen in a while
And with a moral =D
kudos to u my friend kudos

Man, this movie is really good, I can see what you were trying to say by making this.
Wow, it's amazing... Great job... o.o I'm still stuned from the story... :D

Very well done mate. That is called talent, a very good flash with a higher meaning. Keep up the good work.

i dun comment on flashes much but man this one deserves one.. there are so many things i wanna say but it would take too long so i'll just say one thing.. this flash has so much meaning in many different ways and ur a genius for making this flash.. i like how u only used sounds and visual image to make the whole thing.. it makes the mood so effective..

your a godess

some random guy

to me, this flash is like a silent poem: no speech was used to spoil the mood being set, and many devices were used to relay the moral in a way that anyone could understand. The personification of the flowers was an excellent idea, as well as personifying everything else, it's funny how giving something a face instantly makes it relateable to.

this movie is a genre in itself. i love the way you were gave to add so much comedic relief in such a deep movie, there was a good chance that it would have spoilt the message the movie was trying to convey but it just added to it's magnificance.

"dumb kid" eh? i really don't think so. it takes more than flash skill to make a movie like this. I can easily assume you're at the top of whatever english class you are in, and if not, prepare to skyrocket there if you show your teacher this.

i have been reading the other reviews for this movie and wanted to say something that hasn't been said before. i really think that your art, that has actually been critisiced by other reviewers fits the scene perfectly. the cartoony nature sets the theme of a perfect harmonic world, one where everyone's friends and nothing can go wrong, just like an old feel-good disney movie that comes before movies at the cinema. but the actual storyline, past the little girl and the bright sunny day, there is always a problem that people are facing. even when shadowed by more important topics (bullying flowers-current events and celebrities and sun/moon-a person's constant struggle to be better than everyone else) past all that. an ordinary person has to deal with more problems than current affairs interviewee or celebrity.

" you can't always make yourself happy, but you can always make someone else happy".
that is so true... unless your trying to make an emo happy, then it gets a little complicated, you might want to add that in. i have dealt with bullying in my life, it's never a nice feeling, but people just get off on that. i don't blame em, its sick, but you always feel better about yourself if someone is below you. and really it's just like your message: if someone is bullying you, it makes you feel horrible, especially if there is noone around to comfort you. but you have made another person happy, you have made the bully feel better about themself, and although it's never an aim to make bullying seem like a good thing, they will eventually realise what they are doing and stop it. once there is nothing more to gain from making someone else feel bad, people can turn around, it;s happened in my life quite a lot. when life gives you lemons make as much lemonade as you can, and find happiness in the fact that the rest of life has yummy oranges and strawberries to eat. it's un fair, but life is unfair, and everyone has to go through it at one time or another. for people like you and me, were getting it over and done with early in our lives, hopefully we can stay happy without any worry when we leave people like those flowers behind.

wow. this is defiantely the longest review i've ever written, but i hate writing a bad review, and i wish i could go and delete the crap ones i've published for other unfortunates when i was younger. i love your submission man, it has definately earned a place in my favourites list. sound: flawless. graphics: amazing. style: maybe not in the traditional sense, but this is the most stylish thing i have ever watched.

do more :P


not often I see something that is different from the normal crap shot though the portal. very nice work.

I thought this was definately worth reviewing. You have some great animation skills, and the art was nice. You already know this though. I'll try and throw out some -constructive- critisism.

1. I thought that the cartoon style (with the giant eyes) clashed a little bit with the sentiment of the cartoon. Thats totally my personal preference, but still.

2. I didn't think you needed to spell out the moral at the end. I think its stronger if you let the audience work it out for themselves. Again, personal opinion.

Great work!


it gave me a warm, fuzzy feeling inside. only problem was the sound, which looped and was out of time. Go the white flower!! lol

nice movie. Make another one =]

you were right about this being different but by no means does that infer that it is any less meaningful. this was a very good animation and i would like to see more from you. you should make another animation just about the sun and moon lol.

I like it!
I liked the part when sun suddenly changed to moon and how they were fighting!
I also think that it's a right destiny for that poor seed that was always picked on..Good job!

Hey good work buddy. I actually think it's a bit sadistic (or rather the girl) is but it's carried out in a funny way so it's all good. I wish the underdog always came out on top, unfortunately life isn't like that...The graphics are cute...and the one big eye thing on the plant that was the outcast of group was funny to, though it's a common way of indicating character "oddity" in flash movies on NG, I noticed. ANyhow great work, i'd like to see more work by you. 4/5

That was a brilliant flash!

The art was refreshing a new yet simple. Very nice animation and the quarre between the sun and the moon was priceless. This was pretty entertaining and I liked the message though at first I thought it was something like, "Bad comes to those who do bad" since the other flowers had what was coming to them. I hope to see more from you.

-Adding to favorites


i remember seeing this as one of those recent flashes on the portal page and i remember giveing u a 5/5 (all this was just a few days ago) congrats on this!!!!!

Lman 3000

...that was a refreshing flash debut, I haven't seen something on NG that's made an emotional impact on me for a very long time. Don't get me wrong, the tears aren't falling into my keyboard or anything like that - but this flash does have a lovely melancholy vibe and some beautifully realised visual quirks.

The sun with a double-barrel shotgun - priceless. Roll on flash No.2 Mr Sugarman. Well done with this one.

I fully understand this submission due to being through this myself..

Congratulations on a superb submission.

I'd like to see more of these type of flashes on NewGrounds. I like random humour too, but it's nice to see flashes with light humour and a message.

Then again, I did laugh hardest at the Sun with a shotgun XD

Unfortunatly for me, I'm covered in 'em... I loved you video, It had a good meaning and prpose behind it AND it was lightly coated in humor. I want to see more like this.

The movie was cute enough, and the art well done, but I have a couple of questions.

A lady bug was eating grass and the sun cocked a double-barrel shotgun (or, possibly, a double-rifle)? Not that it hurt my review any, but lady bugs are typically insectivores--good bugs. To kill one is considered "bad" in most cultures, but, I suppose it does fit in with the girl's character. Hehe. Also, I've never seen a side by side double-barrel weapon that wasn't a break open. Even if your sun's pump-action gun did exist, it's missing the magazines that should run under that barrels.

That sounded like a nasty rant; I didn't mean it to. The more you know, and all. :)

This was really good. I wish I was as good as you. Lol, but this is a really good story, all though i felt bad for the ladybug at the begininng. Lol, and for some reason, I felt bad for the 3 bully flowers. Again, loved it.

I have to say, not only was it a very meaningful flash, it also blended some humor in, a.k.a. sun vs. moon and the chicken shakes his head. i have seen some flashes with better graphic quality, but still, i gave you a 5/5.

This is my new favorite flash movie. It was creative and fresh. For some reason I felt very emotional throughout the movie and I'm not sure why. For me your style is so good. You know, people will say that this flash would have been better if it had better graphics, was funnier, had better sound, etc. But in my opinion, it wouldn't matter.

I gave graphics a 6 because I've seen better graphics.
I gave sound a 7 because I've heard better sound.
I gave humor a 5 because I've heard funnier.
But I don't think I've seen a better overall flash.

I'm not a very good writer. I guess I'm just trying to say that,

The individual components of an artwork do not have to be perfect for the art to be perfect.

You say you give this flash a 4/5. I would give it a 5/5. The flash just clicked with me. I hope you keep making flashes, whether they are for better or worse.

the whole way through u just had to hate them 3 seeds/flowers. but i liked the way how karma worked. when the goody flower (dno what else to call it..) 'died' i was like 'noooo' but then he got put safe and sound in someones room and i was like 'awww'
im a sap though... sweet story, music did get boring but it suited the flash. was funny if your a sadist and enjoyed seeing the ladybug and flowers die..also very violent...
keep it up. i wasnt expecting to like this but i really did. even added it to my favourites which consist of just this. keep it up

It's sad that newgrounds doesn't have many flashes like these. These flashes always make me feel better whenever I'm down.

The music fit well since it was slow and calm. There wasn't much violence, which is nice to see. The graphics were awesome (I loved the orange flowers freckles and teeth). The sun and the moon added a little humor to it.

Overall, this flash made my favorites list, and I wish newgrounds had more artists like you.

Although, I do not quite understand the ending and what happens to the flower in the end, I thought the theme was great, as well as the denouement was also great (from my understanding).

The only thing I hate is.. well, frankly, your low-self esteem. You're better than 95% of the people here, and your work actually has meaning to it. You should respect yourself more, and learn that it doesn't hurt to be a little mean or a bit of a narcissist every once in a while.

I was impressed by the depth of this flash, the struggle between the sun/moon was funny, as the death of the"stuck up" flowers was sad/tragic.lots of thought/time involved and it shows. great job....5er

At the start it looked like it was gonna' be a skit of Look Around You(British T.V. show) but as it moved on i soon realised it was much, much more. Good animation and style. No real violence (the part where the flowers got killed ruled!),and the jokes where funny. The sound got an 8 because the back ground music is a bit boring, but the way you had no diolog was good. Nice work!

Its sad that there is not films like this.....It had a get story line and showed you a lesson not to worry about what other people think and say to you...be trur to yourself and life will turn out great

My favorite part of this was the plant with the massive overbite. Best laugh I had today. The flash is smooth, just a few sound errors like you have been saying. Also, something you were saying about trying to make a normal flash; normal flash never gets recognized. Also, you need a replay button at the end, 'cause I had to restart it to watch it the second time.

Jay, this proves you are NOT "some dumb kid!" If by 'dumb' you mean you are unable to speak, clearly through this animation you speak very fluently! If by 'dumb' you mean you're not very bright, clearly that's not the case! I had to watch the video twice to feel comfortable that I hadn't missed any significant subtleties and that I had a grip on the sun/moon time battle.

I'm not a NG "regulary" - of today's Top Five yours is the only one I watched. I do believe you earned that ranking! Many submissions are mindless - yours is powerful. I never expected to find myself empathizing with a plant.

The animation is nice - very simple, but clean, it presents the story clearly without distracting from the message. High 'style' because you tell a short story, the story challenges the viewer ("what's going on here, what am I missing?"), and the story presents a significant, relevant, important message. Very good on sound because the simple background music fits so very well with the story.

Don't be discouraged by negative feedback - many of them are people who recognize your potential and are trying to help you improve your technical skills; many of them are brainless idiots who feel better about themselves when they criticize others; the rest are just wrong.

Excellent submission!


literaly man all the others have blood and gore and all that stuff but this dosent dude you did an AWSOME job when you posted this

This was a really nice movie and i liked the message at the end :) It gives you something to think about.

i like this movie. and people should think a little more about making other people a bit more happy. keep up the good work! :)

I loved the message of that, I don't have much more to say, it was just a piece of art.

Thank you for submitting this to newgrounds.

I just started watching this, I liked the title a little, it caught my attention, my moim came over and sat down at the beginning of it too, when it went down in the earth, and.. Ehehee... at cartain parts she'd go "eek!" and "awww" so.. you did good, I hope this gets great reviews, cause it rocks. I like it... I'm sorta the outcast person myself.. but.. even with the sorta creepiness it's really sweet.

Your Story and Graphics about real life are amazing!
You are a real artist of newgrounds i think that if Tom Fulp see this then he want to work whit you! you are so amazing!
See you soon on the top off the everytime portal!

You are fantastic, i mean, how many people think about the fact that you are pulling parts off a living thing. you have an awesome ability, keep going.
you have a talent for putting a truly heartfelt message in. i love this

This was really really good. I enjoyed every second of this flash, nice graphics, good storyline, music fitted in perfectly, this surely deserves a 5 :)

This was indeed very much diffrent than what Im used to seeing here. It is a refreshing change, and I hope you make more!

The visuals were on the better side, but it was just so dull. If you used your ability to make something a bit more interesting you could easily walk away with a portal award.

I think you may have been a bit humble in your introduction. I loved this. It was sweet, sincere and very entertaining. Loved the sub-plot with the sun and moon. Nice work, Jay. Keep it up.

I liked it. It was good, but it didn't make very much sense to me. But it was still very good.

Nice to see new people on NG actually making good flash movies. I can't wait to see more work from you.

this was an exelent piece of flash, I actually learned a lot from it, good work!

Well done, dude.


man I wish I could have bought you a beer tonight now saturday over here. That was great buddy. The only thing I can complain about is that some of the sound effects didnt belong to you and I have heard before in many flash before this. But still its great, I like people like you on this site.
Oh yeah and you have lots of talent in the directing department, the quick cuts to the realistic flower were excellent. Good luck with other stuff. If your americian its still friday, head out & by yourself a drink you deserve it IMHO.

Overall really good animation, I loved the reaction of the flowers when they were getting pulled away by the girl and having their petals ripped off, and the faces of the other flowers watching( Actually made me lol).
I like animations without talking as well, was quite easy to follow the story, are you going to make more like this in the future?
I hope you do :)

This was a beautiful flash and I wish I could see more like it on this site.

You don't get many flash like this on Newgrounds. This makes a change from all the violent animations. Good for you my friend :)

Haven't Seen Anything Like This.. Calm, but Not Too Slow. I Don't Agree That It's Too Slow Because Your Pace Really Sort of Sets the Mood of the Thing. But... It Really is Kind of Sad.. Maybe it was the Music, or the Way it Ended .. But.. I like It.

You just earned yourself a very big five my friend. I logged in especially for that. I'm going to add you and this to my favs. I hope to see more from you! Hope? Pfft. I can't wait. And the style was great. Don't worry about it. :)

To make it VERY short, you have tallent!

I'm on the move, so I'll make it short...

- Really nice graphics! Mostly I liked everything. (Just not the eyes and mouths).
- The contrast of cartoony almost childlike elements (Lady bug, sun and moon, seeds) and the more realistic people.
- The calmness and the whole mood in this one. Twas nice :)

-I really didn't like your facial features. Eyes and mouths. Why? Don't know really. Just don't feel that strongly for the all round eyes and square mouths... The girl was nicely done tho'.
-Too damn long. Or maybe just too slow, story wise. I found myself bored, thinking "yeah yeah move on already..." And it's not that I want action and fast paced flash, I just hate when there is a scene of 30 sec and all that happens is someone blinking or something.
- I don't really find the story to match the point/morale of the movie... "you can make someone else happy". It's not like she did it intentionally, the little las. We actually know that she is a mean, egocentric person, since she brutally off'd the lady bug and tortured tge other flowers. She just picked the last one because she wanted it for herself. Maybe you should have made her character a lonely fragile girl, who found comfort in the single flower...?

That ought to be enough. So basically I liked it pretty much. Maybe you should have thought about/altered the composition of the entire movie, but maybe I'm the only one finding it too "slow":P. Unless you're a cold hearted being, you can't do nothing but enjoy the intention behind this move.

I thought it was very good. i liked the animation and the sound alot. i also like the message that you gave out. dont change ANYTHING! i hope to see something from u in the future cuz ur awsome.

This was so good havent lafed like that in ages this is one of those cartons witch make u really happy

The animation was great but the story and thought behind it was moving. Will be looking foward to more

It's frame by Frame and not lazy tweens. You sould be very proude of yourself. I bet you any money you'll get front page. Keep up the good work, love to see more movies from you!

Altough some NG'ers might not like this, i really enjoyed it. It's a bit violent (like the fight between the moon and the sun) and it also gives a good message in a humorous way. I also like the graphics alot because i like the style and i find i very easy on the eyes. I think you did a great job, and i just know this will be saved. I'm also looking forward to more from you.

Sure, it was a little weird, but it was very well done! It looked amazing; I don't think it could have been any better. The Sun and Moon and the rooster were funny, and I liked the message too : )

this was a neat little story. i havent seen anything like this in a flash before. awsome!

This is how all stories should be! Some humor, some sadness, some intensity, and a great ending. It was reminiscent of the old sort of fairy tales, especially with the moral at the end.

I loved it!

Beautiful cartoon, wonderful charactors whith wonderful scenery. If this doesn't get front page i dont know what will.


I don't usually like when people display lower forms of life as having feelings and emotions, but this was a different thing.
I liked it!

Thats just, so touching

absolutely amazing...
Beautiful graphics, lots of detail and nice colours.
I love your style, it's just stunning, you had nearly every type of animation in there. No flaws what so ever. (No offense but I don't like the eyes on the flowers, moon and sun - not your problem I'm just saying)
Speach would have ruined it. I loved the music, very relaxing and calm. Got quite repetative.
Meh only a little but violence is not needed.
It wasn't really funny but again it didn't need to be as it told a moral and it was just a cute cartoon.

Absoultely stunning I can't think of anything wrong with it - apart from I didn't get the bit with the sun and moon and why that was there) It really cheered me up with all the rubbish that's been submitted lately.

Expect daily feature for this as it was just incredible.
All I can say really. But you don't know just how good this is.

I really enjoyed this! Great work! All good!

awesome! im totally favoriting this! I love this flash!
i would make a longer review but i see no flaws. sound, graphics, everything was amazing.

That was awesome. I don't know how to describe it, but it was awesome. Hooray! A five for you!

It wasent boring. Not at all. It was beautiful. I loved how you used scenes of the sun and moon fighting to signify days passing by. But Im not quite sure why the other flowers were pulled out, apart, and drowned. But it was what they had comming to them =3. Overal it was a very poetic and lovely movie. I give it a 5 and a 10.


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