Chompy's Winter Rescue

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Chompy's at it again, being the hero that he is in our most recent game creation! A wild storm unnexpectedly hit Planet Chompton, leaving hundreds of it's creatures frozen in ice and snow. Be the first to join Chompy's heroic team by engaging in Chompy's Winter Rescue.

In round one, fuel Chompy's team members by feeding them what they need. Round two--take your favorite team member out into the snow on a supped up sled to rescue frozen victims. Watch out for trees and snow men!



Awesome game, great graphics...Chompy is my hero. I'm going to buy a T-Shirt =]

Very nice

Game got me playing longer than I intended to. Great job.

nice one

ahhh, another Chompy game... pretty cool. this winter rescue game was pretty fun, nice graphics, good gameplay, a great way to kill off time, and it was pretty fun with Chompy again.
nice work.

StealAngel responds:

Thanks! We had a lot of fun making it. ^_^

A fine work of art indeed

I have been waiting to play a game like this for a while, I hope to see more quality works like this in the future

StealAngel responds:


A beautiful fantasy style flash.

This was a very decent flash for several unique reasons.

1: Graphics were otherworldly and it really felt like you were there.

2: The elements played a valuable part.

3: The ability to upgrade the sleigh created a sense of progression.

However it fails to get professional ratings because it just feels too slow and too easy. You need to give that real sense of speed in the sleigh and a sense of urgency on the conveyer belt to bring the player not just into a wonderful fantasy setting but into a game of pure bliss...

StealAngel responds:

Well thank you for the polite things you've said. As for it being slow and what not....you didn't get to level 4 or 5 did you? It starts out slow for a reason--you have to build up, practice. Otherwise everything is just flying at you by level 3 and then the game is no fun.

Try it again. This time, aim for a goal. Go for level 6 or a certain amount of rescues. Trust me, it will suck you in and you won't want out until you've beaten the damn thing. ^_^

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3.64 / 5.00

Dec 14, 2006
6:11 PM EST
Puzzles - Other